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Hi, I'm Nathalie!

For 18+ years, I’ve mentored over ten thousand women and men that wanted MORE in their lives and businesses – most of the small business owners wanting to make more money, and attract more clients with more ease while leveraging their time, but also leaders and executives of corporations, who wanted to be done with extremely high levels of stress, and embrace a new way of leading with heart and inspiration.

I love showing people how to run a thriving business without burning out, sacrificing their quality of life, or doing work they resent. My clients discovered how to clear blocks they didn’t even know they had, find true alignment with their Source, and tap into their intuition to get into ‘inspired action’.

I want you to know that manifesting greater results --business and personal growth-- (including money!) with LESS EFFORT is possible for you too, so you can enjoy life, feel deeply fulfilled, and thrive.



"Nathalie's approach is unique, uplifting and effortless. Having been in entrepreneurial business myself for the past 20 years, I have come to realize how personal, spiritual and sacred it is.

Conventional wisdom says work harder when things are not opening the way you planned or envisioned. My experience [with Nathalie] has been opposite, that doing energy work around the stuck places and issues saves time, money, energy and moves me closer to my goals."

Andrea Carvin
Movement Coach

"Nathalie's remarkable intuitive, coaching, and clearing gifts will guide you to clarity, inspired strategy, and ultimately expansion of consciousness and freedom."

Wendy Hastrich
Architect, Founder of the 'Deep Earth Architecture' system

Sandy Rogers

"I can highly recommend Nathalie and would encourage anyone who is ready to move into a greater place in their professional and personal life to work with her. She is a no-frills, down to earth, get it done executive business coach and professional woman with great sense of humor."

Sandy Rogers
Marketing Mentor, Author, Speaker.

"Nathalie Ekobo is not just another coach. Her enthusiasm, warmth efficiency, incredible concrete knowledge, practical solutions and high spiritual dimension make her absolute unique. Her advice is worth every penny. Her intuition is outstanding and vision undeniable.

Nathalie's positive energy opens doors to your future that you could never even imagined. She is a true friend with your best interest at heart. She is also a highly professional visionary with an integrity to be commended.

Nathalie's creative solutions will make whatever blocked you previously in your career simply dissolved in front of your eyes. revealing horizons beyond your wildest dreams. If you want your career (or business) to be all that it can be, you simply cannot afford NOT to work with Nathalie.

I heartily recommend hiring Nathalie Ekobo. Miracles will be part of your daily life and magic will unfold all around you!"

Michelle Karen
Astrologer, Author, Speaker
Global Citizen



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