You Want More...

More impact, more profit, more influence, and
more fun. What would you give to find an
easier way to MORE?

As A Visionary Entrepreneur,
Unconventional Leader or Creative
Agent of Change . . .

You are ready to break through to your next level of success and
create tremendous impact in your business . . . and in the world.

Let me show you how to be successful WITHOUT self-sacrifice,
overwhelm, or exhaustion!

You are brilliant and are driven to make a difference!

You are talented, passionate, and powerful.
You already have a track record of success
Yet, you crave something more . . .
You know you could do better, bigger.

You want more. More impact, more profits, more influence, and also more fulfillment with more fun. But what you want above all is success ON YOUR OWN TERMS, otherwise known as FREEDOM.

You May Suffer From:

• Overwhelm and burnout
• Imposter syndrome or “not enough-ness”
• Uncertainty about the future
• Feeling stuck or confused about your next step
• Lack consciousness (lack of money, time, focus, and resources)

But, what you really suffer from the most is

Up until now, you may have been trying to fit into a mold, building a business
according to conventional principles, or fitting into someone else’s blueprint or
formula without being aligned to your true self and the soul of your business. This
may have created inner conflict, self-doubt, and led to you feeling drained.

How We Work Together

What are you looking for?

Community & Flow

Join a supportive, badass collective of conscious individuals that all desire to live in the flow. Activate Your FLOW is a journey to co-creation with ease. Learn to let go of old patterns, programs, and other internalized beliefs, activate your own worthiness and receiving, and play with synchronicities & new potentials.

Big Transformation

Get deep, committed individual coaching, with powerful energy clearing and activation, guidance from the Source, and generous re- sources over a full year. I'll support you and challenge you to confidently overcome what’s currently holding you back. You’ll realize those mean- ingful goals and those BIG DREAMS in your business and in your life with ease, freedom, and flow.

Powerful Success & Healing Tools

Learn and master cutting-edge mind blowing techniques to accelerate your life and business success. During my unique training program, you’ll master tools and techniques to: Clear your soul blueprint, increase intuition, swiftly shift energy, remove old patterns, and activate healing on all levels.

Hi! I’m Nathalie

For the past 22 years, I’ve mentored thousands of visionary entrepreneurs, unconventional leaders, and creative agents of change inspired architects, accountants, physicians, healers, empaths entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, speakers, artists who all come from Love and want to build a better world. Through our work together, they’ve expanded both personally and in business, made wildly successful business creations or evolutions, and developed their intuition, awareness and inspiration to co-create with more ease. Most importantly, they now lead from their soul, and impact the world with more confidence, freedom, and flow.

I Work With Audacious Beings:

  • Who are serving other beings (or companies) that want to make real,
    positive impact in the world
  • Who want to speak their truth unapologetically and yet may still be fighting
    their inner critic or experiencing self-doubt
  • Who desire to create success not from force but from power
  • Who are not attached to their drama or old stories (but rather ready to let them go)
  • Who tend to be overwhelmed because they are either deep feelers, deep thinkers,
    intuitive, creative, or sometimes even empaths (and even if I consider these their
    superpowers, it tends to leave them drained and exhausted)
  • Who are open to fresh perspectives, resources, are coachable and ready to challenge the status quo

Schedule a Clarity Call

With over 25 years of success and failure as an entrepreneur, I know this for sure:
When you tap into the sacred alchemy of your soul and your business, you shift your
own energy, and enter a field of infinite possibilities, expansion, and miracles.
I can show you how this works.
Let’s talk.

From Our Clients

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