3 Costly Mistakes Sabotaging Your Manifesting


In this 21st century, you most probably heard about Universal principles such as the Law of Attraction. You may have tried to use it to manifest some of your dreams. You may have had some success and also know you could have more.

The Law of Attraction is a controversial subject. I have been studying it and testing it for 25 years. I have assisted 11,000+ clients to realize their dreams, and this is what I found:  You can sabotage your own manifesting without knowing it. Many different reasons will cause you to torpedo your desired outcome, but here are the 3 most frequently damaging ones:


  • Too many details

    If you put too many details in the visualization, you risk ruining the outcome. You’re boxing yourself in by being too specific. Instead I recommend you say: “I want this or better”, as there is some magic in letting the Universe bring you a better, more expanded outcome that your limited self couldn’t have envisioned.


  • Not enough emotion

    The reason you want certain things is to feel good when you have them. The key is to focus on how you will feel once you have what you want. Make this feeling grow. Bask in this vibration. Live as if it has already happened — without doubt or worry.


    • Too attached to the outcome

      There is a fine line between being focused on what you want and being fixated that it hasn’t happened yet. You have to take a deep breath and relax about it. Be “committed, but not attached.” If you feel like you need it, you are focused on the absence of it.  Then, the Law of Attraction will match the same vibration of lack and it will not show up.


    Examples of ‘miracles’ I co-created in my life: an amazing relationship with the ‘Love of my life’, a Green Card from a denied visa, giving birth naturally at 43 after many miscarriages and complications, unexpected money, many gifts such as trips in beautiful exotic places, and more.

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