Your Amazing New Year

In only 35 minutes you’ll heal your entire past year and embrace this new year with amazing possibilities!
Let yourself be guided, be surprised, and delighted.
This was recorded on the last day of 2022, but you can do this meditation at any time during the year. As you may imagine, NOW is always a good time to release old energies to move forward with more freedom and flow.
To your amazingly successful bright year!
Nathalie 💖✨✨✨
What people are saying about working with Nathalie:
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My husband and I have been working with Nathalie for over a year now and the results that we have seen in our personal and financial life is nothing short of a miracle!
With the utilization of Nathalie’s clearing and activation system as well as her top notch coaching and brilliance, my husband has completely transformed his career, been able to reduce his work load and doubled his income 5x! Yes that is correct 5x!
I have overcome a life long struggle with anxiety, started working on the creation of my dream business and now manifest multiple blessings out of thin air on a daily basis.
The abundance that flows through us now freely flows into our community and is creating a beautiful ripple effect that is so fun to watch. Life is a blast! 
Thank you Nathalie Ekobo.”
Amanda Haynes | USA
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“Nathalie’s straight-forward and no-nonsense approach will get you unstuck and will move you beyond your roadblocks, overwhelm, stress, or any other limitation.”
Pascale Charlier, Corporate Training & Coaching | France
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“Nathalie’s remarkable intuitive, coaching, and clearing gifts will guide you to clarity, inspired business strategy, and ultimately… expansion of consciousness and freedom.
Wendy Hastrich, Architect, Founder of the ‘Deep Earth Architecture’ system | Australia


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In 1997 Nathalie Ekobo “fired” her boss and left her comfortable life and career in Paris, France to follow her intuition and live her first big dream: move to Scottsdale, Arizona and create an award-winning French restaurant and catering business to share her passion for food.

In the process, she discovered how to remove unconscious, hidden blocks and activate human potentials and energy to accelerate higher success, impact, and freedom in your business and life.

Against all odds, she turned loneliness, heavy business frustrations, and a denied visa into obtaining US citizenship, marrying the {French} love of her life, and creating a rapidly profitable business that is her true passion and ‘calling’.

And she also went from living in survival mode to {almost magically} enjoying real financial freedom.

Nathalie Ekobo is an internationally renowned Energy Master, Intuitive, Executive Coach, and Business Alchemist. In the past two decades, she has worked with over 11,000 unconventional entrepreneurs and leaders in twenty-two countries.

Nathalie’s Success Acceleration System™ and Design Your Freedoms™ Program have generated millions of dollars, and created a strong impact, and time freedom for her clients. If you are an unconventional entrepreneur, innovative, creative agent of change that want more impact with more ease, talk with Nathalie to reach new heights with freedom and flow.


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