Do you want to grow FAST on a personal level? Create a business!

My Passion  is to help other Highly Sensitive leaders and entrepreneurs like me get more visible and aligned so they can bring their gifts to the world without struggle, and truly create the life and business they will love!

I partner with my clients to:

  • clear your path from hidden blocks (that you may not even know you have?!)
  • break through barriers to manifest what you truly desire
  • activate (and keep) your alignment, in business and in life
  • grow yourself to grow your business with (way more) ease
  • design a business road map that fits your lifestyle
  • receive inspired actions from your Source. 

I believe you don't have to struggle, worry, or stress to build your amazing business.
There is another way to do it... using Vibrational Marketing and the Laws of the Universe to align yourself with your Expanded Self (the version of you that already holds everything you want to accomplish), clearing programs stored at the subconscious and soul levels. -- NOT a lot of business coaches can do that!?

Can you believe this?

When people ask me what results they can expect from our work together, I alway tell them my unbelievable story:

I went from STUCK in Paris with a DENIED investor-VISA renewal to becoming a US CITIZEN (without marrying a US citizen and without being hired by a US company.)
... Just by using my Clear Your PathTM method and imprinting this belief in my subconscious: "There is a bigger Gift in everything!"

But let's backtrack a little so you get the full picture.

From Paris, France to Phoenix, AZ... with Two Suitcases and a Big Dream!

22 years ago I left a comfy (and pretty lucrative) 'International Marketing & Sales' position in Paris, France to follow my dream. I wanted to live and create a business in sunny Arizona.

I worked at my project to immigrate for an entire year, getting information on how to get an investor visa to be able to create my own company in Arizona, preparing my business plan and my budget, selecting vendors, consultants, and an immigration attorney... and when I was finally ready to cross the big pond, I 'fired my boss', gave all my furniture and belongings away, and I moved to Phoenix with a friend-business partner-chef.

"What's wrong with me?"

We created a French restaurant and catering first, then additional businesses. Doing so I had to overcome so many obstacles, culture shocks, and other barriers. Twelve months in the process, I felt really trapped and stuck in my personal life and in my business.

Big doubts  and worries started to tourment me.  At that time I didn't know I was Highly Sensitive. But the truth is I was over-thinking things and feeling things very intensely. The dark side of being Highly Sensitive was affecting my success and my quality of life.

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher (or Mentor) appears.

That is when a friend of mine recommended that I go see a woman that was "clearing blocks, programs, contracts... at the soul level!"

"She is doing 'energy work'" she said, "You'll see... it's weird, but it works!"

Now, you need to understand that I was raised Catholic, and with an MBA and a strong left-brain education, I found this idea 'a little strange' at first, but I was open-minded and desperate for a change, so I decided to give it a try!

What I found was flabergasting (and that's a BIG word for a French native!)

After a few 'clearing' sessions, I felt lighter, better. I had a different perspective on things, and my environment started to reshape itself for the better. More customers. More ease. Better relationships. Things would shift fast, my environment would reshape itself.

I was not stuck anymore. I had a clear vision.
No doubts. Restored confidence.
I was happy again!

The changes were so great that I decided to learn how to 'clear energy and blockages' by myself. Followed a few years of training, opening my right-brain, strengthening my intuition, and connection with my Source...

"Nathalie, you are like a 'Psychic with an MBA!"

Then, I decided to merge this powerful soul-level work with my business savvy to create the intuitive business consultant that I couldn't find anywhere. I partner with my clients and energy-clearing students to help them create their lives and businesses from a place of Magnificence, in direct connection with their Source (whether you call it God, Spirit, Allah, Creator, Buddha, Universe...) giving them an INVISIBLE ADVANTAGE!

  • If you are open-minded and you desire some changes in your life or business
  • If you want to co-create unbelievable results just like I did 
  • If you are sick and tired to spin your wheels
  • If you are  seriously frustrated with a particular issue - in your business or in your personal life

Let's get on a call to see if we could be a fit to partner up to remove your blocks and more.

Schedule a 20 min. chat with me and I will tell you what we could do - directly from your Source.

Afterall, I have had the privilege to do this amazing work for 20 years now. I have served over 11,000 leaders and entrepreneurs, in 22 countries. So, let us see what's holding you back and what is possible when you are living from your Magnificence.