About Nathalie


My vision is one of a world where entrepreneurs and leaders expand and thrive fully connected to Source so that they can live in ease.

Stop sacrificing yourself in life and business and start living from your True Self.


My mission is to mentor spiritually conscious entrepreneurs or executives to bring them into alignment with their souls, breakthrough limiting beliefs and programs, tap into their inner Wisdom, and fully understand how to work with practical spiritual principles, neuroscience, and business energetics to create impact and income with freedom (in their own terms.) 

Your time is NOW!

Can you believe this?

When people ask me what results they can expect from our work together, I tell them my astonishing story.

From Paris, France to Phoenix, AZ… with two suitcases and a big dream!

26 years ago I left a comfy (and lucrative) International Marketing and Sales position in Paris, France to follow my dream. I wanted to live and create a business in sunny Arizona.

But the story began earlier….

I was driving back to Paris from a conference with a friend and business partner. The conference had been a disaster; it was pouring rain; I was feeling miserable, frustrated and particularly vulnerable.

For the first time since I was 15, I shared my secret dream of owning a French café and bakery in Phoenix. To my surprise my business partner said HE has a dream of opening a French bakery in Arizona.

What were the odds
of both of us having the same dream! The logical next step was to ask “What if we do it together?”

And so the dream began to take shape

I spent an entire year working on the project to immigrate. I researched how to get an investor visa to be able to create my own company in Arizona, prepared my business plan and my budget, selected vendors, consultants, and an immigration attorney…and when I was finally ready to cross the big pond, I ‘fired my boss’, gave all my furniture and belongings away, and moved to Phoenix with my business partner-friend-chef. 

In Phoenix, AZ we created a French restaurant and catering business. Other business ventures followed.

From business partners to life partners

As we helped each other through the culture shock of a different way of thinking and living, our relationship deepened. It ended up with us getting married four years later.  Two years after that our daughter was born.

But then I began to feel trapped and stuck

Big doubts and worries started to torment me.  The truth is I was over-thinking things and feeling emotions very intensely. Feeling stuck, trapped, highly frustrated was affecting my success and my quality of life.

When the student is ready, the teacher (or mentor) appears

That’s when a friend of mine recommended that I go see a woman who was “clearing blocks, programs, contracts… at the soul level!”

“She’s doing energy work” she said, “You’ll see… it’s weird, but it works!”

Now, you need to understand that I was raised Catholic. I had an MBA, a master’s degree in Russian, and a strong left-brain education, so I found this idea more than a little strange at first, but I was desperate for a change and open-minded, so I decided to give it a try.


What happened changed my life

Things shifted fast.

After a few clearing sessions, I felt lighter, better. I had a different perspective on things, and my environment started to reshape itself for the better.

More customers.
More ease.
Better relationships.

At last I wasn’t stuck anymore

I had a clear vision.
No doubts.
Restored confidence.
I was happy again!

The changes were so dramatic that I wanted to learn how to clear energy and blockages by myself. I trained intensely for several years, activating my right-brain, strengthening my intuition and my connection and communication with my Source.

“Nathalie, you are a ‘Psychic with an MBA!” 

Then, I decided to merge this powerful soul-level work with my business savvy to create the intuitive business consultant that I couldn’t find anywhere.

Until everything changed again

Our investors visa had to be renewed every 5 years. It was easy. But after 9/11 the regulations changed and we had to go back to Paris and wait there for the visa to be renewed. An inconvenience maybe, but not a problem…but our visa was denied.

From being stuck in Paris, VISA DENIED, to becoming a US citizen

After 10 years of building a life, a family and three businesses in the US we were stuck in Paris.

It seemed hopeless. Our world was crashing around us. It was like standing in front of an insurmountable barrier and there was no way over it. We were stuck in immigration hell; the bureaucratic hassles were enormous; we jumped through one hoop after another. It seemed it just wasn’t going to work. At one point we were even advised to stop trying.

But in our hearts we never gave up. We told ourselves there’s a bigger gift in all of this for us. We pounded that into our heads and we used my Success Activation System™ (SAS) method to clear the blocks that were standing in the way of our dreams and to imprint new beliefs in our subconscious minds.

Doing our clearing work opened up new avenues for us and then…

We made the IMpossible POSSIBLE

Our previous immigration attorney called us out-of-the-blue inviting us to apply for an ‘exceptional competency’ visa. She didn’t even know about our issues. But a 3-week window of opportunity had just opened up to apply and she wanted to let us know. She also uncovered a piece of little-known information that most immigration attorneys ignored. And that was the key that made all the difference to fix our problems. This new visa gave us a resident status which allowed us to apply for US citizenship five years later. This truly was THE bigger gift we had planted in our minds.

Eventually we became US citizens.

I’m living my dream life here in Arizona with my husband and our 16 year old daughter. In my free time I love to travel (when travel is not restricted?!) I’ve traveled on the Trans-Siberian Railway, stood at the North Pole, walked on the Great Wall of China, and visited 35 countries so far with more to come.

Co-creating more miracles

Now I partner with my clients and energy-clearing & activating (SAS) students to help them create their lives and businesses from a place of magnificence, in direct connection with their Source (whether you call it God, Spirit, Allah, Creator, Buddha, Universe…) giving them an INVISIBLE ADVANTAGE!

As you can see from my story, anything is possible.

What’s possible for YOU? 

Are you open-minded and want changes in your life or business?

Do you want to co-create unbelievable results just as I did?

Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels?

Are you seriously frustrated with a particular issue, in your business or personal life?

Then click here to schedule a 20 min. chat with me and I’ll tell you what we can do – with information directly from your Source. And we’ll find out if it could be a fit for us to partner up to remove your blocks and activate new possibilities.

I’ve had the privilege of doing this amazing work for 22 years now.  I have served over 11,000 leaders and entrepreneurs, in 22 countries. So let’s see what’s holding you back and what’s possible when you’re living from your magnificence.

I look forward to our conversation.

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