Activate Your FLOW


Congratulations and Welcome to ‘Activate Your FLOW’!

Your 6-week training:
=> starts Wednesday, May 19th

=> ends Wednesday, June 30th.

Note: We do NOT meet on June 10th.

Time: 6:30pm PDT to 7:30pm PDT (Arizona time is the same as Pacific time right now.)

Our gathering is done on zoom:

How to prepare for the training?

1. Set your intention!
– What do you want to get from this training?
– If you could wave a magic wand what would be possible for you?
Write your intention(s) down as there is magic in WRITING.
2. Reassure yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!
YOU, my friend, have been shown the way by Spirit/God/Universe to participate in this adventure with this specific group of amazing women, so have no doubt that you can do it!
3. Let the little gremlins go! (You know… the 100 reasons you’ll create to avoid taking this 6-week program…) They are the fruit of your ego mind that wants to keep you from changing anything. Don’t listen to that! Just breathe and focus on something else more positive and more fun. You will be absolutely fine. And you may have great fun learning, pausing, reflecting, experimenting, expanding (at least, that’s MY intention.)
4. More Questions? 
Send your questions directly to me by TEXT to 602-881-3040.
I am here for you.
Pre-training Assignment (every week):
– Watch the Module short video or listen to the audio (below — scroll down).
– Print the sheet(s) and do the exercise (after watching the video.)
– Take notes, reflect, experiment and have fun.
IF you cannot do the assignment, no worries, STILL SHOW UP to the call.
(No excuses?! No worries, you’ll catch up just fine.)
The day of our gathering:

– Please come one time, or even 2-3 minutes early.
– Come with your pre-training assignment done (if possible)
– Have something to drink (I mean water or tea; it’s not a Happy Hour training?! ;-))
Have pen and paper (or computer, tablet) to take notes. 


MODULE 1: FREQUENCY -part1 (as in “vibration” or “energy”)

Audio & assignment: 

Assignment Pre Module1







Video/exercise before the module:

Changing Contradicting Thoughts, Finding Your Triggers and Choosing New Options


Our Module 2 session recording starts here:

The Bus meditation:




The Fishing Net meditation:


Module 3: 




Flow Triggers – part 1:

Flow Triggers – part 2:

Flow Triggers – part 3:

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