Freedom Friday

“Freedom Friday is 45 min. of Pure Love in Your HSP Community!” Could you do with more enthusiasm, oomph, and lightness in these challenging times? Do you want more clarity, power, and focus to start your month on an upbeat note? Then, join us for Freedom Friday as we: ♥ Celebrate your small and big … Read more

If it Feels Like You’re Spinning…

A client called me this morning totally distraught and confused. She said she had the weirdest week ever, felling completely ADHD, running like a chicken with a head. – “I have so many things to do; and I did a lot of things this week, but it looks like I didn’t accomplish anything! I don’t … Read more

’30 minute Success Activation’ For Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives… and a few brave men!

Happy New Year! 2019 is going to be amazing for YOU. — It already is; can you feel it?! To celebrate Leadership, Business, Success, Abundance… and Life itself, I was inspired to create this “30-minute Success Activation”. It’s POWERFUL, fast, loving, fulfilling, expansive, and fun… It is for you if: You want to activate more … Read more


The Art of Dowsing The Art of Dowsing (or Pendulum-ing) for Health, Wellness, and Success – How to Get Accurate Answers Using a Pendulum   Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018 Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Location: SouthWest Herb Store and Gathering Place 148 N. Center Street in Historic Downtown Mesa, AZ 85201 Cost: Absolutely … Read more

Tuesday Tip |’Re-Center Yourself’- For Conscious Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

How to re-center yourself after a hard day, a difficult conversation, an unpleasant meeting, or anything that threw you off center? You are used to being at your best… and yet sometimes you have ‘hiccups.’ (That’s okay, we all do!) You’re not yourself any more. Something threw you off, a painful conversation with someone you … Read more

Tuesday Tip | Need to Control Everything? Read this…

Why the need to CONTROL everything is harming you, and how to shift into more positive behaviors? The night before, take a few deep breaths to relax your body. With your eyes closed, ask your subconscious to wake you up at [mention the precise time you desire to wake up at]. Visualize a clock (digital … Read more