Hit the RESET Button!

Have you ever felt like you want to leave some stuff  behind (frustrating situations, old habits, discordant energies) ? What if you could literally step away from them and hit a RESET button to make different choices? That’s why I created this 14 min. meditation. Drink a glass of water. Set some uninterrupted time to … Read more

Case Study: A Story of Miscommunication

Discover how George, a smart CEO, and his business partner Alan, a Tech genius, stuck in a costly non-communication rut get out of it almost effortlessly. Find out the one element that George unveiled in his deep-coaching session that put an end to the struggle.   The Protagonists (The Key Players) George and Alan are … Read more

Wake Up Fully Refreshed and Alert!

How to Easily Let Go of the Accumulated Fatigue and/or Mental Exhaustion   …and wake up in the morning, naturally and at the right time, fully refreshed, alert, and enthusiastic, planning for an amazing day   In this tip, we are going to put your subconscious to work. 1. The night before, take a few … Read more

If it Feels Like You’re Spinning…

A client called me this morning totally distraught and confused. She said she had the weirdest week ever, felling completely ADHD, running like a chicken with a head. – “I have so many things to do; and I did a lot of things this week, but it looks like I didn’t accomplish anything! I don’t … Read more