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Have you noticed? We all dream one day of rubbing the magic lamp and having a Genie fulfill all our wishes. 🪔 ✨ We surprise ourselves hoping for a miracle in the middle of the storm or wanting more ease when things seem too complicated.

But It’s not that you want ease because you’re lazy, you already achieved so much and you worked hard. You want more ease, simplicity, and clarity because you’re called to greater things. And you will get to this next level of adventure, creation, and amazing leadership, not by wishing for a magic lamp, but by making your wishes come true yourself if you follow the three Ls.

1) Letting go:

You want MORE? You have to make room for it! Nothing can happen if you’re not letting go of old stagnant (draining?) energies that you don’t even know you’re holding.

These are lodged at the subconscious level and unless you uncover them and get rid of them, you won’t really have room for expansion.

And I just talk about deeply buried energies like guilt, shame, anger, sadness, deception, but you also hold patterns and soul programs that are not serving you any more and that need to go.

So, LETTING GO is your friend. Make it a habit to clean your soul and subconscious just like you take a shower and clean your house.

2) Leading from the Heart:

Magic happens when you lead from your heart, when you know who you truly are, tap into your Source and get inspired guidance directly from there.

Not your ego leading, not your mind overthinking things, not being caught in a problem trying to find solutions.

You may know what Albert Einstein said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

You need to vibrate at a higher frequency where the solutions exist.

Tapping into your heart and leading from there is the way to access all the miracles the Genie promises.

3) Leveraging your time:

Who doesn’t want freedom of time? Would this be one of your wishes if you only had three?

There are many ways to leverage time, many books have been written, many courses created. What I found the simplest, most effective way to avoid suffering from time shortage, and actually almost feel like you create or stretch time, and to feel like time is always your friend (and what an awesome feeling that is!) is to use energy work, and a certain form of meditation that brings you in a timeless zone.

You can gain an hour or two in your day from managing your time consciously, meaning acting on the physical plane, in the third dimension, but it is easier and simpler to jump into the fifth dimension, when you discover a place with no time and no space and where you use energy instead of matter to realize your own dreams with ease.

These three techniques are included in my Success Acceleration System™. And, over the years I have seen phenomenal results for people who follow these three Ls, Letting go, Leading from the heart (also known as listening to your intuition!), and Leveraging time from the fifth dimension.

Expanding a business, getting clients with ease, creating a new aligned business, moving into a mansion, traveling the world, making a lot of money unexpectedly, even finding their beloved and healing from physical ailments… I’ve seen it all!

If you want to know how to get your own magic lamp without searching for it, and embracing the Genie that resides in you, it’s time we have a deeper conversation.

If you’re serious about having a fabulous transformation, schedule our time together here:

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