The Art of Dowsing

The Art of Dowsing (or Pendulum-ing) for Health, Wellness, and Success
– How to Get Accurate Answers Using a Pendulum


Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: SouthWest Herb Store and Gathering Place
148 N. Center Street in Historic Downtown Mesa, AZ 85201
Cost: Absolutely FREE!
Pendulums (Made in France!) available for purchase $10-$18 (cash only)


Learn to use a pendulum as a vibrational tool for personal/spiritual connection and healing. This two-hour workshop will introduce you to the many uses and techniques of dowsing with a pendulum, with (fun) time for guided practice. You will also learn how to determine and improve your dowsing accuracy.

This workshop is for beginners and advanced dowsers alike. Charts will be given as handouts, so please be kind to register below so we have the right count for handouts!

You will also create your own dowsing chart.

Bring your own pendulum, or purchase one of Nathalie’s pendulums during the workshop for $10 to $18 (cash only).

Questions? Call or Text 602-881-3040.

Since it is a *FREE workshop*, please reserve your spot now!

Please send an email to Nathalie[at]NathalieEkobo[dot]com, OR, send a text to 602-881-3040
– With “Pendulum 09/29” in the Subject line
– Give us your name, email/phone number
– If you bring a friend or two, let us know (as we need to print handouts.)



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