"Everything is ENERGY. Your Business is energy. You are energy.
I believe sustainable Business-Growth-With-Ease is ONLY possible when Personal Growth is happening.

I invite you to come and co-create with us in these experiential journeys, so you can allow more amazing things in your life and business/career, and BE the Brilliant Conscious Leader you are supposed to be!
I am committed to your Success With Ease."
~ Nathalie

Here are our next events:

Powerful Conscious Women Entrepreneurs - Meetup Group

This is NOT your conventional 30-second-elevator-pitch type of network.

Amazing women entrepreneurs come together to support each other and have fun!

This is for you if you are an open-minded woman
1) who has a business (start-up or seasoned!) and wants to attract clients easily and effortlessly using the power of the laws of the Universe (not cookie-cutter biz tools)


2) who works in an organization and want to move forward in her career using powerful universal laws, mindfulness, and intuition

We offer two meetings per month (10AM-12PM, and 5PM-7PM) in Scottsdale, AZ.
We have additional fun and informative gatherings where we feature an Expert on a topic we want to explore (podcast, social media, stress management, etc.)

We also offer "CoDevelopment Sessions" where we brainstorm on one member's issue, and tap into Universal Intelligence (the power of mastermind as originally explained by Napoleon Hill) to offer a variety of out-of-the box suggestions and ideas.

You can find more information and apply to join by clicking here.

REVOLUTION with Nathalie

It is time to get out of your own way, and get unstuck!

Have you ever felt stuck or blocked?
Do you sometimes think “I’m getting in my own way!”

Have you ever sabotaged yourself?
Do you have one nagging question that you want to resolve?

Once a week Nathalie invites a woman to bring a question, an issue, a concern that she wants to get coached on.

'REVOLUTION with Nathalie' is a quick -yet deep- dive into the issue to offer a breakthrough to the client.

It can be a  highly transformation-al moment, whether you are coached or you watch the process.

These complimentary sessions are offered LIVE on Facebook, and also filmed and recorded to be shared with everybody.

To apply to be "the client", contact Nathalie.