Exploding Your Glass Ceiling

I’m passionate about this because NO ONE should live with an invisible glass ceiling above their heads!! Life is meant to be fun, flowing, and on purpose! If you know or think you may have a limiter or something above you blocking your money flow, impact or expansion,  watch this video, The 3 Energetic Solutions to Exploding YOUR Glass Ceiling 💣💥

About the Author

For two decades, award-winning Serial Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Business Alchemist, Nathalie Ekobo, has helped over 11,000 spiritually-open business women, unconventional conscious leaders and entrepreneurs to create more impact, flow, and freedom.

Merging science and spirituality, Nathalie helps you tap into the soul blueprint to create vivid clarity and alignment in life and business. Her clients ditch exhaustion, frustration, and overwhelm to create from a place of power — not force. 

Nathalie has been featured on Channel 3 TV, Fox News, CTV, The Wall Street Journal, KFNX radio. She has shared the stage with Dr. Judith Orloff, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, teaching time-tested, practical spiritual solutions to accelerate success and greatness.