Activate Your Flow

  • Are you frustrated because you work too hard and you’re currently not in the flow?
  • Are you tired of FORCING things when all you dream of is to ALLOW them to happen?
  • Did you experience being in the flow and attracting great things, and you want MORE of that?
  • Do you wish you had a formula that would help you create Serendipity on demand?
  • Do you want to be part of a community of other like-minded women entrepreneurs and leaders like yourself? 


“The opposite of a default future is a created life!”

This ‘Activate Your FLOW’ Formula is the most supportive step-by-step approach to empowering spiritually-open entrepreneurs to create with ease and grace. 


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“Without this program I'd still be going in circles without knowing the path to a higher vibration.”

Lisa F

“I didn't know I could create a positive shift in my life so quickly.

Without this program I'd still spend some time thinking negatively. Now, I have the awareness to shift the thoughts immediately.

Donna H.

“This program has allowed me to open up to the world and universe around me and interact with it. I learned how to cleanse myself in so many positive ways and how to help myself and others, and to find completeness.

I didn't know I could be really connected with Source and the Universe. It is the most amazing feeling and experience and has changed my life forever.

Without this program I'd still be stuck in a rut with no hope of breaking free and embracing life openly in harmony with a purpose.

Julia P

“I really enjoyed coming together with a supportive group of women who appreciate the power of spirituality and energy to be guided by a compassionate, knowledgeable, and energetically connected guide.”

Lisa F.


During this 90-day program you will:

  • Create your own FLOW formula to make your life and business effortless
  • Align with universal principles to improve success, well-being, and legacy
  • Evolve your business perspective(s) to access new levels of wisdom and growth
  • Raise your Consciousness and enhance your Greatness - which will impact your influence, your bottom line, and your happiness


    This program is for the woman who is open and ready to: 

    • Understand, develop, and implement the skills of an effective co-creator  (co-creating with God/Source/Universe)
    • Have even more success --but not from Force, rather from Power (...and Letting go!)
    • Play with powerful tools and also ponder some abstract concept 
    • Be sometimes a little vulnerable in a safe intimate group setting

      This program is not for the woman who:

        • Doesn’t take responsibility for what happens in her life
        • Is narrow minded or closed to spirituality 
        • Doesn’t want to do any self-improvement (inner) work 
        • Wants to dwell into negativity or wants to complain


        In this comprehensive 90-day program, you will receive:

        9 X 90-minute training and coaching sessions  grouped by 3 and followed by 1 week of integration

        Playful practice’ invitations to use during your week of integration

        Audio recording (MP3) of the complete training including all the meditations and live coaching (in case you have to miss a session or two)

        Direct access by text to Nathalie for emergency questions

        Lifetime access to Private Facebook Group for comments and community

        FLOW FEST: Online Celebration & Follow-up Party after the 90 days



        Regular Price: $1,299 (Value: priceless!)

        Your Special Price...
        WHEN you decide within 8 days of this invitation:

        • Paid in Full at signature: $499  (you save $65)     


        • Payment plan:
          Deposit: $188 at signature + 2 monthly payments of $188

        Next program starts:  Wednesday September 8, 2021  -  6PM PDT to 7:30PM PDT

        The fine print:  Sorry, NO REFUND. (No exception.) As soon as you sign up for this program, Nathalie starts working on you energetically to open you to new possibilities. This is priceless!

        Plus, the investment is really a super-duper deal for the length and quality of the program, so if you think you might not like it, just don’t sign up... because we won’t spend any time on issuing any refund.


        1. FREE Co-creation Sessions (90 minutes) (Value $800)
          Between now and September 8, 2021 (official starting date of the program), we offer you Co-creations sessions (mini-group) every other Wednesday 6PM PDT to 7:30PM PDT.
          Dates: 07/28, 08/11, 08/25

        2. Freedom & Flow Online 2-day Retreat (value: $999)
          August 27 and 28, 2021 9:30AM PDT to 2:00PM PDT


        “This program has allowed me to become unstuck, be less rigid, regain my innate positivity and hopefulness, confidence, new expressions of self-compassion, and the energy to move forward. I didn't know I could rewire my traumatized neural pathways by connecting with flow. This is powerful and relieving for me, and deeply significant personally and professionally.”

        Marina W.

        “I didn't know I could so powerfully control my own life experience!

        Lindy M

        “With this program I have gained a different perspective for getting in the flow, and a more doable one for me than ones that I have studied in the past.

        I really liked the meditations; they are short and sweet and to the point.”

        Mary Ann W

        “As a result [of the Flow program] I feel like I am more open to being in the present moment and open to receiving the beautiful gifts that the universe is constantly sending my way.”

        Amanda H

        YOU ARE INVITED...

        You KNOW it’s YOUR TIME, don’t you?

        You can feel it.
        I believe that there are no accidents,
        only synchronicities.

        Here is what I’d like you to do:

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        Once your appointment is confirmed, we'll jump on our call so that I can learn more about you and together we’ll define if ‘Activate Your FLOW’ is the right fit for you.

        Thanks for reading this letter, I look forward to speaking with you!

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        Sending you Love,


        For the past 20 years, award-winning serial entrepreneur, intuitive and business coach, Nathalie Ekobo, has helped over 11,000 entrepreneurs across the globe increase their visibility, impact, and income, without being overwhelmed.

        The founder of the proven Success Acceleration System™ and the 3-step FLOW Formula™, Nathalie is on a mission to help leaders, and especially Highly Sensitive People (HSP),  creative experts, and empaths bring their gifts to the world with more ease, flow, and abundance.

        Nathalie has been featured on Channel 3 TV, Fox News, CTV, The Wall Street Journal, KFNX radio. She has shared the stage with Dr. Judith Orloff, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, teaching time-tested, practical solutions to accelerate success and greatness.

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