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Dear Friend,

Here are your 5 Abundance Accelerators!

Explore these techniques. Listen to the meditations; download the tools and use them for at least three weeks to determine which one(s) you want to take one for another month.

Your mission (should you accept it):
When you are done testing them, shoot me an email ( to let me know which element you prefer and why, and I’ll send you an additional surprise gift.

1.One of my favorite tools: The Prosperity Prayer

Say it out loud in the morning and in the evening and watch things shifting for you!
Prosperity Prayer 


2. To accelerate abundance, you just have to FOCUS on ABUNDANCE.
Your assignment: In your Journal or on a simple piece of paper, write down what is abundant in your life and take a minute or two to FEEL this abundance and feel APPRECIATIVE.
Download these pages of Journal to see an example and write your own Abundance List: Journal_Accelerate_Abundance 


3. Make room for the NEW!
It’s time to declutter. Abundance is energy. (Everything is energy!) So, let the energy circulate in your environment.
The easiest way to create this movement of energy is to let go of the things that you don’t use or love anymore. Look around you in your home, office, car…
Is there ONE thing you could give or throw away?
Once you have done it for one item, you can repeat the process as many times as desired.

For people that like to collect things, or have a hard time to let go of things, be playful and decide how many items you will ditch.
“Today I will find 3 items to give or ditch!” then commit to what you said you’d do.

If this is a difficult exercise for you then you need my Abundance Accelerator #5.


4. Shift from LACK to ABUNDANCE
Monitor your thoughts and feelings. How many times per day do you feel unease about money or abundance?
These feelings are preparing your level of success and abundance in the next 3-6 months.

Click here to discover my easiest and fastest technique to shake these energies and replace them with a beautiful feeling of abundance.

5. My BEST TECHNIQUE by far: The Success Acceleration System (TM)
For twenty years I have been clearing over 11,000 people’s blocks from their soul’s blueprint and subconscious level.
I have seen shifts and miracles like you cannot even imagine!

Here is a sample of what people say:

“Just one coaching “insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income!” Robin Foster

I broke a life-long pattern of self-sabotage. (…) I also learned how to tap into my inner wisdom and make decisions from this place and not a place of fear. It saved me $40,000 right away.” Jean Fournier

Nathalie has used her ‘X-ray vision’ on me with results that are astounding. Her clearing technique is absolutely amazing: almost instantly I felt my blocks being removed.” Mary Ann W.

After working with Nathalie I attracted a brand new stream of income, and I have created $144,000.00 additional revenue a year.” Karen Capello


This Success Acceleration System (TM) is simple and efficient.

There are 3 Key elements:
1. Clearing your energetic gunk
2. Activating your full potential and positive expression
3. Going into guidance from your Source to see your best next steps


This is for you IF:

  • you are frustrated with something in your life or business
  • you think you should be more advanced then where you are
  • you want 2021 to be your best year ever
    (because let’s face it, we radically want to change from what happened in 2020!!!)

My fees for this type of service go from $250 (Special Holiday Price for December 2020) to $999, and even $4,000 depending on the type of service or program you choose.

If you think you might be interested in this, let’s chat. There is no pressure, no pitch, just a friendly conversation and going into guidance to see what is blocking you and what would be best for you.


Schedule a time with me ONLY if you can fulfill these requirements:

  1. You are genuinely interested in getting a Success Acceleration session or program
  2. If at the end of our conversation it feels right for you, you are able to take action
  3. You show up on time for our conversation

I look forward to chatting with you,


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