Are YOU a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ (HSP)?

Your SENSITIVITY can be a blessing and a curse, and the Truth is… it has an IMPACT on your business!

But I can show you how to be the beautiful sensitive being that you are AND create a PROFITABLE business that you love.

So, let’s FIRST figure out just how sensitive you are so you can understand yourself better.

To help you with that I have created a quiz that will take only a couple of minutes. Answer these questions as honestly as you can.
Select all that apply below when the statements are ‘SOMEWHAT TRUE’ or ‘TOTALLY TRUE’.

Your total score will appear in the golden box below the test. 

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You've been told (in childhood or adulthood) that you're “too sensitive,” “too emotional,” or that you need to “toughen up.”
As a child, your parents or teachers seemed to see you as sensitive or shy.
You're bothered (or you feel drained) by loud noises, chaos, or crowds, and you feel you need to ‘escape’ to recharge.
When you make a decision, unless you get a clear ‘intuition’ right away, you tend to go deeper, analyse, or over-think things.
You try to leave parties, networking meetings, or other events (trade shows, conferences) earlier than everyone else. Or, if you can’t, you need to take mini breaks (just on your own) during the events.
You try to avoid overwhelming situations, and/or making mistakes.
You're a natural leader and appreciate the power of the spotlight, but you get overwhelmed when it comes to delegating and often feel like you have to do the task yourself if you want to get it done to your own standard.
You have a deep or rich inner life.
You perceive details and subtleties in your business and your environment.
You may be affected by other people’s moods.
You tend to experience feelings more intensely or deeply than other people do.
Your feelings can be easily hurt. You may take things personally (even though “you know better.”)
You may overeat, or use something (alcohol, drugs, medication) to numb yourself or cope with emotional stress.
One or more of the following is very unpleasant to you: bright lights, strong smells, excessive talk, loud noise, rough fabrics, or clothing tags.
You need time by yourself when you feel frazzled or ‘triggered’ by something, so you can feel better and recharge.
You have strong values such as integrity, or sense of duty, and/or sometimes you feel ‘a little too responsible’ for others.
In your business, you feel ‘a calling,’ or you're driven by a mission, a purpose, or a cause.
You tend to accumulate (or curate?!) knowledge or support in the form of study programs, classes, courses, self-help books, coaches, and/or mentors, yet you don’t benefit from them fully because you barely have time to get your work done.
You get upset or stressed when you've a lot to do in a short amount of time, (whether you feel the pressure coming from others, or from yourself.)
Being very hungry creates a strong reaction in you and has a tendency to disrupt your concentration or affect your mood.
You enjoy music, and/or fine arts, and/or ‘beauty’ (in nature or in other places).
You try to avoid violent movies and TV shows.

  • From 22-15:  You are SUPER highly sensitive!
    You might know the gifts of your sensitivity because you might have a deep sense of compassion, and might be empathetic, creative, or even intuitive, but in the business world you certainly feel overwhelmed and misunderstood. You might also feel like you can’t keep up, like you’re running behind a train in motion and you can never catch it!
    And, the voice (or chatter?) in your mind probably almost never stops!
  • When you get triggered, you need to isolate and recharge on your own. You might even have days when you don’t want to get up, and you want to stay hidden from the world.
  • When you have goals to meet, especially strict deadlines, you might push yourself to exhaustion and experience intense moments of fatigue and even despair.
    You might think: “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just be like everyone else?” — but now you know: you are a SUPER-HSP!
    My questions for you, SUPER HSP: How long do you need to crash and burn, hide, or feel overwhelmed and immensely frustrated? Don’t you see you have a calling and this gets in the way of your BIGGER impact in the world?
    If there were a solution that allows you to tame the dark side of your HSP-ness wouldn’t you like to see or hear about it?

  • From 15-9: You ARE highly sensitive!
    You probably want to fight the idea (I did that too!) but, if you think about it, you know you have times when you feel overwhelmed and you just want to be on your own to be able to recharge and recenter. (And, you may think that it is true for everyone but noooo, it is NOT!)
    Read the above description as it absolutely pertains to you as well – in a milder way! The only difference is that you can tolerate more things than the SUPER highly sensitive, so you get slightly less triggered… Yet, it still negatively impacts your business performance and -maybe- your relationships when you take things “too personally”.
    Now, rest assured that with time and, if you don’t take any appropriate action, you might become SUPER sensitive. Unlike wine, age doesn’t do good to HSPs, unless you work on yourself. (At least, that’s my opinion from my own research.)
    My question for you, HSP: If you could grow your business with more ease and less struggle, without frustration, hiding, ‘crash and burn’, or exhaustion, wouldn’t you like to learn how to do it?

  • Lower than 9: You MAY be highly sensitive… in this case:
    If you had 5 (or more) answers that were TOTALLY TRUE and you know that they were “deeply-intensely-vividly (excruciating ?) true”… then you ARE highly sensitive too! Read the above paragraphs now!
    (Please note that no psychological test is so accurate that an individual should base his or her life on it.)

The Good News is: You can be Highly Sensitive AND Highly Successful!

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), a serial entrepreneur, and intuitive coach, I am committed to empowering highly sensitive women in business to turn their sensitivity into gold!

If you want to know what’s REALLY holding you back right now and how to reach amazing new levels without overwhelm or struggle, jump on a complimentary Breakthrough call with me.

I promise you a new perspective and a breakthrough to support your personal and business growth.
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