Dear Lin, 😍

Here are your recordings:

– October 6, 2023 (audio recording because the video is too heavy to fit on the page.): Objectives for these 12 months and Strategies to achieve them with more ease:







Imagine what it would do for you to co-create with me and a handful of amazing manifestors such as the one we had in our group!

ONE FULL YEAR of support, laughter, Love, connections
and deep breakthroughs!

One full year of transformation!

A beautiful expansion where:
– you let go of angst, disarray, self-judgment,
and the feeling (or doubt) you haven’t hit the mark

– you activate even more:

  • The Wise Woman
  • The Inspiration / the Model
  • The (Self-) Compassion and Love
  • The Fun Joyful Self


As a super quick summary, here is the offer:

‘Design Your Freedoms’ Academy – 12 months

You will:

  • Reinvent your life to create massive impact without sacrificing yourself (anymore)
  • Discover potent, practical (fun) spiritual tools to create ease, flow, and freedom
  • Design inspired strategy, planning, and actions fully aligned to you
  • Create less work, more impact, more contribution, more fulfillment
  • Know yourself as a co-creator able to create anything at any time
  • Eliminate old stories, old patterns, limiting beliefs, and other dissonant energies that are not serving you anymore
  • Let go of judgment of self, others, and circumstances or events
  • Activate your true Self while folding time
  • Practice embodying new supportives values, priorities, and frequencies
  • Create new uplifting standards in your life and leadership
  • Tap into the soul of your business to get crystal clear about your aligned direction
  • Live from your Future Self and Sage’s wisdom on a daily basis
  • Enhance intuition and awareness to easily make the best decisions
  • Receive the earnest support of a community of like-minded amazing leaders
  • Mastermind with brilliant brains and commune with deep loving hearts
  • Create a new radiating responsive reality and (therefore) your own miracles

🎉 What’s included:

  • 1 Private “Aligned Visioning and Planning”  VIP session to set your goals and plan for success (with the recording)
  • 12 months of DYF interactive teachings and co-creating (2 calls per month)
  • Expert coaching and mentoring for your personal needs (on these monthly calls)
  • Exclusive membership into an intimate mastermind group
  • 3 x Group virtual VIP days (includes expansive and playful visioning, masterminding, and co-creating)
  • Access to all the DYF recordings, tools, bonus meditations, etc.
  • 1 exclusive online retreat with other deeply committed, high achievers like you
  • 2 bonus tickets to my Live annual in person 2-day event
  • 12 (or more?) Future Self Embodiment calls (1 call per month, maybe 2…)
  • The possibility to purchase individual sessions if needed (not available at this time to anyone else than people invested in group work with me — except existing private clients!)
  • The possibility to purchase a transformational week retreat in France, Portugal or Arizona. (Not available at this time to anyone else than people invested in group work with me.)



  • 1 group session about spiritual and energetic foundational principles
    (Value $333)
  • 3 individual sessions to take any time during your 12 months of membership
    (Value $2,400)

💖✨ Your Investment:

Investment: $17,999

Special Fast-Action: $13,999 (Paid in full)


Easy-Pay Plans:

12 months payment plan:
12X $1,199 


18 months payment plan:
18X $799


24 months payment plan:
24X $616

📣 WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT ‘Design Your Freedoms’ Academy🤩:

Julia Peck, on August 13th, said:


Donna Hall, on August 1, 2023, said:

I joined Nathalie’s Design Your Freedom’ Academy earlier this year. At that time, I was doing work with consulting clients that felt overwhelming, leaving me no room to have fun, feel passion for the work and a have sense of freedom.

I started to notice many of my consulting projects coming to an end. I focussed more on my coaching and healing business, and that started to expand. I started to wonder whether I should give up on corporate consulting, which I’ve done for over nine years.

As I started to work through the program, I became abundantly clear that I was working in an “old way”… A way that was about struggle, which is something I bought into in most areas of my life! The work with Nathalie has been deep, fun and transformational. It has helped me to make key life changing decisions to align with what matters to me and my values.

With Nathalie’s support, I’ve realized I enjoy doing corporate consulting work and having private coaching/healing clients. In the past week, I have attracted an amazing corporate consulting role that gives me freedom, allows me to work with people who are fun, and most importantly, enables me to align deeply with the work I do and be in service of awesome clients.

Nathalie was very clear from the beginning that I still had a role to play in the corporate world, but I could not see it.

Thank you Nathalie I am so appreciative of the support, insights and what I have learned and experienced in the program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to create a deep shift and start to align with who they are and what they want to experience.

D.Hall Professional Services Inc.


Dear Lin,

It would be my honor to have you in our selective group of Freedom Designers!
Let me know if you have any questions.

Love and Blessings,