How to Shift from Feeling Lack to Feeling Prosperous

Shower Yourself in Personal and Business Expansion in Less Thank 5 Minutes!

Enjoy this short 5-minute meditation to shift from a mindset of lack and struggle to one of expansion and ease

When you feel triggered by a thought, an event, a person, bills to pay, or something else, it’s natural to react with worry, fear or a feeling that something’s lacking in your life.

In that moment you’re focusing on “what is now” rather than on “what do I want to create.” You’re thinking of scarcity rather than enough-ness and it’s easy to get stuck in that state of mind.

And the longer you stay there, the harder it is to shake those feelings off.

And yet…to get back to a place of EXPANSION, you have to let go of that feeling of lack.

How do you do this?

It’s easy!

Listen to this short meditation. You’ll quickly feel a shower of EXPANSION washing over you.

Then every time you feel that you’re lacking something, take 5 minutes, close your eyes and listen to it.

It’ll shift you quickly back into thoughts of expansion so that you can continue to create a life and business of ease and prosperity.




What clients are saying about their work with Nathalie


“I have now created a brand new stream of income, and I have more time for my personal life than ever before.” Pascale C.

“Nathalie has used her ‘X-ray vision’ on me with results that are astounding. Her clearing technique is absolutely amazing: almost instantly I felt my blocks being removed.” MaryAnn W.

“I called Nathalie to increase my prosperity and abundance. She immediately pinpointed the 3 things I needed to work out and gave me the appropriate strategies to do so. Thanks to her accurate insights and advice on my business and life, I broke a lifelong pattern of self-sabotage. It saved me $40,000 right away!” Jean F.

Just one coaching “insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income! I am ready to reap more fruits now as I am more aligned, less stressed, and thanks to Nathalie I have a clear plan.” Robin F.

(And of course, a little legal note: Results may vary. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results.)


If you know there “must be more”,
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  2. You’re absolutely COMMITTED to achieving that goal
  3. Commit to honoring your appointment and showing up on time. Remember this is YOUR time so, at the time of our appointment, be in a quiet space where you can be totally focused on YOU.
  4. Put reminders in your calendar and anywhere else you need to, so you don’t forget about this special time that we’re setting aside for you.

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