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Turn Your Prospect into Gold

A 90-Day Action-Driven & Vibrational Client Attraction Program
For Smart Coaches, Consultants, Experts 

It’s time to stop the struggle and activate ABUNDANCE, EASE and FUN

Do you have a burning desire
to make a bigger difference without struggling or feeling overwhelmed?
Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels to get clients?
Would you like to replace LACK (of money, clients, etc.) by ABUNDANCE and EXCITMENT?

If you’ve found your purpose and created a transformational coaching or consulting business by sharing your expertise, talents, and gifts,

and you are looking for a proven way to make a bigger difference by finding the right prospects with ease and converting them into your ideal clients, then this program is for you!

Are you ready to play a bigger game?

Listen, the answer was never in your hustle, nor in the old-school stuff, or all these cookie-cutter formulas that are not aligned with your business!

And at some point, (if you’re not already there) you’re going to burn out.

Because you want to focus on what you do BEST (your zone of genius!), not on something that is draining your energy, and creating way more work without necessarily bringing you the ideal clients you desire.




…or so you (and I) have been taught!

All you need is to keep it SIMPLE and to get into INSPIRED action!

That’s it! And, that is why I designed this 90-day program!
To merge Magnetic Marketing with Action from your Inspiration
for income with ease and grace.

So, you have the choice…

To continue working hard and getting in your own way that may lead you to go back to take a job to make ends meet, or

You can co-create with us here, and enjoy Freedom, Flexibility, Clarity, Contribution, Fulfilment – focusing on doing the work you truly love!

If you feel like making a bigger difference in the world while focusing on what you love, let’s talk now!

I’m hand selecting a group of consultants who will be on this journey. I have led many Programs and Masterminds for entrepreneurs, but this one is my favorite one because it blends business and energy, which is what it is all about.

Here is a little bit about me:


From my years of practice, knowledge, and tapping into Universal Intelligence, I created my own system (Clear Your Path™) to accelerate deeper positive transformation, by removing negative programming, activating positive expressions, and getting inspired guidance from your Source.

I use (and teach) this method to help remove what is holding people back and activate greater success and expansion with more ease.

Are you ready to increase your impact and get fully booked with your dream clients without sacrificing your quality of life?

This is for your if:

…You experience one or more of these challenges:
Working {way} too hard for the results you have

  • Not attracting enough of your dream-clients on a consistent basis
  • Belief that you need to spend a lot of money on ads to attract clients
  • Feeling like you need to have {complicated} funnels, website, active social media
  • Not making enough sales to sustain your business
  • Not enough… focus, confidence, time, or money

And instead you want:

  • A business where you can focus on your zone of genius (what you do best and what is fun for you)
  • A flow of dream-prospects coming your way
  • An easy way to convert these prospects into clients
  • Peace of mind, Prosperity, Money, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Fun, Ease, and Grace

The way we’ll achieve this is by meeting for three months; we’ll have two call monthly where we will coach you, remove your blocks, give you guidance, hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and we will celebrate your wins. Our small exclusive group will also visualize each other’s specific goals ACHIEVED, a technique that produces tremendous results with ease.

In this program, I will teach you:

  • The “flip the switch” strategy that gets your clients to happily buy whatever you’re selling
  • What is really hindering the flow of your client-abundance and how to fix it rapidly
  • How to magnetize your marketing
  • How to stop attracting the wrong clients (and stop screwing with your sales)
  • The common mistake made by even the savviest entrepreneurs that prevents their dream-clients from buying
  • How to keep your clients for life (I have clients that keep buying after 13 years!)
  • And much {MUCH} more

“After working with Nathalie, I attracted a brand-new stream of income, and
I have created $144,000 additional revenue.”  

~ Karen Cappello, Master Certified Coach



“Just one coaching “insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income! I am ready to reap more fruits now as I am more aligned, less stressed, and thanks to Nathalie I have a clear plan.

  • ~ Robin Foster, Consultant

I am passionate about this program because amazing consultants and coaches like you need to ‘fill the gaps’  so they can reach their dream clients without struggle,  and serve more of them with more ease.

If you want to see how/if this program could benefit you, let’s talk about your business challenges and dreams, from heart to heart, and let me coach you in a powerful complimentary session.

“Nathalie is an incredibly gifted healer and a wonderfully skilled and effective coach. She helped me more than double my business income in just a few months, and -in addition- I’ve experienced great results in my overall health and well-being from her clearing work.

Nathalie is always positive, always enthusiastic, truly cares about her clients, and generously gives her time, heart, and soul to her work. I could not recommend any coach and healer more enthusiastically! “

~ Dana Zenobi, Professional Singer, Trainer, Healer

Here is the outline of this Client Attraction program:

Module 1: Define your Goals and Vision for these 3 Months
And Get the Tools to Get Things Done

  • For Coaches: The 7 Levels to Golden Mastery — Assess which stage you are in and learn the precise steps to get to the next level(s)
  • Define your vision and plan of action
  • Discover the #1 key to achieving big goals without struggle
  • The 8 reasons for Procrastination and how to get rid of this issue
  • Learn the 5-step formula to “Get it Done Fast”
  • Get the principles of Magnetic Marketing for ease and grace
  • Get the essential techniques to remove your roadblocks


Module 2:  Express with Power and Precision What You Do and Who You Serve

  • Find/refine your target market/niche to be more effective
  • Know how to introduce yourself in a compelling manner in 7 seconds
  • Define your GOLD (what is unique about you)
  • Use the right language to attract “your” people
  • Connect with your prospects using ‘Magnetic Marketing’
  • Introduction to the Fearless Formula, 4 easy steps to get prospects


Module 3: Feel the Joy of Selling

  • Mastering the Fearless Formula
  • Why ‘inspired action’ is the only way to create success with ease and how to get more inspiration
  • Discover the way to sell from the heart, and avoid hard selling
  • Create your own authentic script to With the Sell-With-Ease formula
  • Learn the #1 Block that sabotages your sales, and how to get rid of it
  • Assess the different ways to make money in your business for Total Abundance


Module 4: Fine Tune Your Alchemy

  • How to remove the ‘other’ blocks that slow you down or hold you back
  • How to transform the Fear of Success and the Fear of Failure into Gold
  • Discover the 18 Alchemical Disciplines that get you more clients
  • How to use Neuroscience principles to boost your sales


Module 5: How to Raise your Fees/Prices and Get More High-Level Clients

  • How to know what your dream clients really want
  • The 7 ways to attract affluent clients
  • How to increase your offer, or package services and products
  • How to use your Circle of Influence to create strategic alliances
  • How to get more confidence and clarity
  • How to remove unworthiness and other blocks keeping you “small”


Module 6: Open Yourself to Bigger Opportunities and to Your Next Level

  • How to improve your PAL (Prosperity and Abundance Level)
  • How to increase your income ceiling
  • The 3 keys to improving your Wealth
  • The 2 simple Alchemist “Million Dollar Questions” to create what is NEXT


Every module is given LIVE and will also be recorded, so you can (re-)listen to it later.
Audio MP3 provided after each session,

“Nathalie is truly a powerful and masterful consultant and coach. Her straight-forward and no-nonsense approach will get you unstuck and move you beyond your roadblocks, overwhelm, stress, or any limitation. She is 100% commited to your success and is skileed in helping you to create a step-by-step aligned plan that will not only produce extraordinary results in your business but more importantly in your life.

With Nathalie’s assistance, I have reoriented my business to more profitable activities; speaking to small and large groups I have now created a brand new steam of income, and I have more time for my personal life than ever before.”

Pascale Charlier, HR Consultant


… to get out of bed each day with enthusiasm and excitement because you ARE doing what you love

… to enjoy the freedom that comes from running a SUCCESSFUL coaching/consulting business

… and to feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your confidence and income grow

What would it do for you to be able to attract more ideal clients every month in your business?

What level of Abundance, Fulfilment, and Freedom would this bring you?

“Before working with Nathalie, I was completely burnt-out, and had no clear direction for my business.

Today, I have a practical map for my profitable and fulfilling coaching business. I now feel relief, joy and purpose in my life. My business and my life have been ‘cleared’ from programs and blockages. I have never seen this done before. It is truly amazing!

Nathalie shared powerful elements of guidance and she worked with me as a Business Coach to help me design a strategic step-by-step plan to get into authentic actions and
double my business in just 4 months

~ Ann Wood, Coach

By getting into inspired action over the next three months, you immediately create an impact on your income, your life, and the legacy you can leave in the world!

I am looking for the next amazing consultants to partner up with to make their dream a reality! This will be n intimate exclusive group of 12 participants maximum.
So, schedule your time to chat with me here, so we can see if this is the right fit for us or not.

I’ll give you clarity on your business and I’ll answer all your questions.

“Nathalie Ekobo is not just another coach. Her enthusiasm, warmth efficiency, incredible concrete knowledge, practical solutions and high spiritual dimension make her absolute unique. Her advice is worth every penny. Her intuition is outstanding and vision undeniable.

Nathalie’s positive energy opens doors to your future that you could never even imagined. She is a true friend with your best interest at heart. She is also a highly professional visionary with an integrity to be commended.

Nathalie’s creative solutions will make whatever blocked you previously in your career simply dissolved in front of your eyes. revealing horizons beyond your wildest dreams. If you want your career (or business) to be all that it can be, you simply cannot afford NOT to work with Nathalie.

I heartily recommend hiring Nathalie Ekobo. Miracles will be part of your daily life and magic will unfold all around you!”  

~ Michelle Karen, Astrologer, Author, Speaker, Shaman,

If you are ready to see how/if this program could benefit you, let’s talk about your business challenges and dreams, from heart to heart, and let me coach you in a powerful complimentary session.


Disclaimer: This program is a resource designed to assist you in helping you grow your sales. Nathalie Ekobo is not a sales guru but a master coach and entrepreneur mentor to women entrepreneurs. Purchasing this service does not guarantee that you will get more clients or earn money. Your personal level of success and results from using this service depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques used, your knowledge, and various skills. Since these factors differ among individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, and we make no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to those featured in any case studies or testimonials. As with any product or service, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital.