Quantum Leap Your Business

A Conscious Author’s Toolkit for Exponential Growth with More Ease (a $49 value)

Dear Friend,
Congratulations for claiming your gift to quantum leap your business!

As a (future?) published author and entrepreneur, you have to be open to RECEIVE in order to grow and expand with more ease.

I compiled a few techniques for you here. Put them to the test!
This is only a sample of what can be done to shift your energy…

From stuck to moving forward
From struggle to ease and flow
From frazzled to calm and centered
From overwhelmed to clear and powerful!


Your mission 🎯(should you accept it):
Please shoot me an email to let me know which one of these tools you preferred and why❣️

And Join our fearless tribe of conscious entrepreneurs, unconventional leaders, creative agents of change who are ready to impact, lead, and create time, emotional and financial freedom. It comes with fun tools and training to get into alignment so you consciously create the life you truly desire in your own terms.


1. Accelerate your impact and influence: 

Let’s get you started with The Prosperity Prayer.
It is a powerful tool if you use it daily.
Read it with intention and feeling.

Plan on doing it for a few months. It will shift things for you.
Impact, opportunities, money will come to find you.

I have seen it happen for my clients and my students. Enjoy!

Click here for The Prosperity Prayer


2. Attract your ideal clients with more ease: 🤩

I have so many tools for client attraction with ease because it is my passion! In over 22 years I have barely promoted myself and I have a multiple 6-figure business just by magnetizing my ideal clients.
We could spend 30 or 60 days on this (maybe I should offer a 2-month program on becoming an Ideal Client Magnet!) but here is a quick powerful meditation that attracted $60,000 to one of my clients in less than two weeks!

The Fishing Net:



3. Remove hidden blocks that may hinder your freedom and flow: 🤯

Join me and other like-minded amazing conscious individuals in an amazing interactive LIVE workshop (not pre-recorded!) to:

✅ Delve into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, identifying and dismantling the limitations that have held you back.

✅ Learn about the different types of subconscious blocks and soul programs that are triggered without your knowing.

✅ Discover the four easy steps to shift self-sabotage patterns and rewire your brain with positive, uplifting, new patterns that will serve you better.

✅ Find how to heal the five wounds of the soul.

✅ Learn how to be done with discordant energies –frustration, resentment, bitterness, guilt, shame, etc.

On Saturday March 2nd, 2024
at 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST
for 60 minutes maximum

Location: www.ZoomWithNat.today
The workshop is totally complimentary, LIVE, and interactive!
So be prepared to have fun together.

3 things for you to do:

1) MARK YOUR CALENDAR and show up on time (We’ll start on time!)
You won’t receive a reminder email.
2) ADD THE ZOOM LINK to your calendar
You’ll then have it when you need it.
3) Come relaxed and open to have fun.


Here is a sample of what people are saying:

“Just one coaching “insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income!” Robin Foster

I broke a life-long pattern of self-sabotage. (…) I also learned how to tap into my inner wisdom and make decisions from this place and not a place of fear. It saved me $40,000 right away.” Jean Fournier

Nathalie has used her ‘X-ray vision’ on me with results that are astounding. Her clearing technique is absolutely amazing: almost instantly I felt my blocks being removed.” Mary Ann W.

After working with Nathalie I attracted a brand new stream of income, and I have created $144,000.00 additional revenue a year.” Karen Capello

🎁 If you think you’re READY for MORE EASE AND FLOW, jump on a Clarity Call with me and let’s chat! 🎉

Schedule a time with meONLY if you can fulfill these requirements:


  1. You are genuinely interested in removing your blockages and activating more ease and flow.
  2. If at the end of our conversation, I made you an offer (because we found something that could help you) and if it feels right for you, you can take action
  3. You show up on time for our conversation
    I look forward to chatting with you,

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About Nathalie Ekobo

For two decades, award-winning Serial Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, and Business Alchemist, Nathalie Ekobo, has helped over 11,000 spiritually-open businesswomen, unconventional conscious leaders, and entrepreneurs to create more impact, flow, and freedom.
Merging science and spirituality, Nathalie helps you tap into the soul blueprint to create vivid clarity and alignment in life and business. Her clients ditch exhaustion, frustration, and overwhelm to create from a place of power — not force.
Nathalie has been featured on Channel 3 TV, Fox News, CTV, The Wall Street Journal, and KFNX radio. She has shared the stage with Dr. Judith Orloff, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, teaching time-tested, practical spiritual solutions to accelerate success and greatness.

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