Quantum Resources 02 22


Here are the resources for your “Beyond Flow: Quantum Leap to Your Bliss!” journey.



Module 1 – 02/09/22

Please watch this short video on Quantum from Dr Joe Dispenza.



Module 2 – 02/16/22

Welcome and module 1 recap


What energy are you broadcasting/What are you thinking?






Module 3 – 03/02/22

Welcome and weekly recap

Continued check in

Trigger complete faith and trust


Module 4 – 03/16/22

Grounding and Welcome



Module 5 – 03/23/22

Welcome to Module 5

How Are Your Feeling?

How Are You Doing?


Quantum Freedom Formula


Module 6 – 03/30/22

Welcome to Module 6 – Anchoring

Recap – Let’s recap the Quantum Freedom Formula:
Start by asking yourself: “What Would I love?”  and/or “What does Life/Love/God/Spirit want for me?”

1)  Define what you want (often initially driven by what you don’t want), find WHY you want it and HOW does this dream contribute to yours and others’ wellbeing  and expansion– Be committed yet detached. Make it a relaxed obsession!

2) Know it is DONE and believe in it. Deactivate doubts, beliefs, programs, etc.(Use the SAS method to clear) Also pay attention to WHO YOU BECOME in the process as this is the KEY and main reason for all this to exist!

3) Create your Quantum Leap ritual. Take 15 min. in the morning and evening  to activate new potentials. (Use the SAS method to activate positive expressions.)

4) Live from it! Immerse yourself in it as you already live it. Listen to your intuition and take imperfect actions, .Take your orders from Source for your next steps, and track your results.

5) Mastermind with a mentor, coach, expert that truly supports you Don’t choose your life partner or spouse. Choose a professional person that is committed to your growth and can share wisdom and tools for you to achieve your dreams. Create a beautiful partnership.

Morning Rituals – Activation



Module 7 – 04/06/2022


Double check you are grounded

Forgiving Yourself

Forgiveness Discussion

Heart Energy

Make Some Magic


Module 8 – 04/13/2022

Welcome to Module 8 & Setting Your Intention

Sharing Experiences From Last Time

Law of Projection

Bringing Forth an Event From Your Future

Heal Your Past Through Re-Invention

Present Situation Improvement

Module 9 – 04/27/2022

What is your color?

Quantum Formula Questions

Activation Bubble

Conference Story

Meditation: Monday and Abundance is an Energy

Invitation to celebrate the new vision

Last Circle: One takeaway