Tuesday Tip |’Re-Center Yourself’- For Conscious Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

How to re-center yourself after a hard day, a difficult conversation, an unpleasant meeting, or anything that threw you off center?

You are used to being at your best… and yet sometimes you have ‘hiccups.’ (That’s okay, we all do!) You’re not yourself any more. Something threw you off, a painful conversation with someone you love, an exhausting meeting, a bad day…
Here is a quick fix to change your state of being, and the energy you are in.

  1. Pause, take a breath, and find (in – not out?!) what caused you this change of mood, or energy

  2. Once you are aware of what the trigger was, SHAKE IT OFF (Do a few jumps on the same spot, and brush the issue off your shoulders and arms… as if you would remove dandruffs or dust!)

  3. Then, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths

  4. Imagine you extend your tailbone (coccyx) into a cord that you plug into the center of the Earth

  5. Continue by extending roots from the soles of your feet and anchor these roots in the ground

  6. If you know the chakra system, then connect your root chakra into the Earth. (If not, don’t sweat it, you’re fine!)

  7. Then, extend a link (I imagine a beautiful white silky rope – but you can do it your own way!) from the top of your head (your Crown chakra) to your Source (God / Spirit / Universe – whatever you call this Higher Power.)

  8. You are now grounded into the Earth and into Highest Consciousness. Know/ See / Hear / or Feel this!

  9. Finish by dropping from your head (mind) to your heart. Know/ See / Hear / or Feel that you are fine, and everything is in perfect order.

You may repeat this to yourself: “I’m fine. Everything is in (divine) perfect order.”

Tell us about your experience with this exercise in the comment section. ~ We look forward to reading it!

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