Remove overwhelm and discover how easily life can flow

When we’re overwhelmed, we’re caught into an illusion that we believe is true.
Take 10 minutes for yourself right now. 

First, Please get grounded and breathe deeply.

Drink a glass of water and then enjoy this 9-min. meditation. I created it so you can “Declutter Your Mind.

Second, do a brain dump. For the next 10 minutes, write down all the things that you think you have to do. Then, circle the ones that are really important and give all of the other ones to the Universe.

Create a to-do list for you and your team to accomplish, and a “¯Ta-Da ¯” list for the Universe to accomplish. (Seriously! It works.)

Third: Now, transfer your important tasks into your schedule so you know exactly when to tackle them and you have created time for this.

I lay out the process in this  "Say NO to overwhelm" template.

This is one way to get rid of overwhelm.

Now, of course as an uber-highly sensitive entrepreneur, I’ve created (and tested) other ways to remove overwhelm and other HSP traits that are disrupting our lives and holding us back.

if you’re serious about creating more money, impact and freedom this year (even in these crazy times) doing the work you love, and you’d like to talk about the specific challenges that are holding you back, let’s hop on a call together.

We’ll come up with some ideas on how you can create more ease and flow in your life and business. And I promise that you’ll walk away from our conversation with a new level of clarity on your next steps.

“Just one coaching “insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income!” 

Robin Foster

“No losing time with Nathalie, she goes to the point really fast and that is rare! Nathalie has used her ‘X-ray vision’ on me with results that are astoundingHer clearing technique is absolutely amazing: almost instantly I felt my blocks being removed.

Mary Ann Wolf 

“Nathalie is an incredibly gifted healer and a wonderfully skilled and effective coach. She helped me more than double my business income in just a few months, and I’ve experienced great results in my overall health and well-being from her [clearing energy] work.

Nathalie is always positive, always enthusiastic, truly cares about her clients, and generously gives her time, heart, and soul to her work. I could not recommend any coach and healer more enthusiastically!”

Dana Zenobi

“Before working with Nathalie, I was completely burned-out, and had no clear direction for my business. Today, I have a practical map for my profitable and fulfilling coaching business. I now feel relief, joy and purpose in my life. My business and my life have been ‘cleared’ from programs and blockages. I have never seen this done before. It’s truly amazing!”

Ann Wood