SAS Health II: Realign the body & Nutrition

Welcome dear amazing SAS Student!

I am so happy that you decided to embark on this journey.

It’s not your first SAS class… so you know the drill!


1) Print the charts (below) before the training. And come with your basic charts as well. We’ll use all of them!

2) Come to the room “prepared to work” AND having everyone else in the group “prepared to work” (as you would do for a client.)

3) Have a lot of water to stay hydrated. Bring some snacks too (you need to feed your beautiful brain.)

4) Put on your beginner’s cap. Come open to learn and (re)discover things even if you are a Health Practitioner.


See you on Sunday at 9am PST.
We’ll end at 1pm PST.


New charts and other material TO PRINT:



SAS_Health2_Nutrition Charts


Meditation(s): (No need to print. Enjoy it if you choose to before class, it’s totally optional!)

  1. Breathing and Deep Body Scan for Pain



Script in Word Document (so you can have it evolve in the future!):

Breathing and Deep Body Scan




Sunday 02/20/22




Sunday 02/27/22,  Additional Training and Q&A


03/20/22, Additional Training and Q&A:

Body_Pain_Emotions_Energy (1)










03/27/22, Additional Training/Clearing sessions: