SAS level 1 videos Nov & Dec 2021











How to get accurate answers:
Q&A Nov. 28, 2021:
Q&A Nov. 30, 2021:


Q&A Dec. 5, 2021, Past Life Researches and How to end the session:


Q&A Dec. 7, 2021, How to clear relationships, How to find which direction to take or what to focus on now, How to assess what is good for you using percentages:






Q&A session December 12, 2021:


The video of this session may be posted later (if I can succeed to either cut it or reduce its size.)


Q & A: Sunday January 9, 2022:




Here is your next step in the SAS adventure of healing yourself and helping others heal:

SAS Health II: Body Realignment & Nutrition
Happening in February 2022!

Download the details by click on the link below:

Info SAS Health II Body Realignment Nutrition

I hope to see you there!
With Love, 😍 😘 ❤️