Your Time is NOW. The World Needs YOUR Gifts.
STOP Holding Yourself Back!

It’s likely that you’re fabulously skilled at what you do and you’re passionate about serving your clients.   Perhaps you’ve already built a successful business – but you sacrificed too much along the way, lost yourself in the process, and ended up exhausted and discouraged.

Now you KNOW it’s your time.  You’re ready and willing to change and run a business that flows with ease and grace.


BUT maybe these thoughts (or others) are still lurking in your mind:

• “I don’t know how to get out of this overwhelm and burnout, and not fall back into them in the future.”
• “There’s no way I can ask for those high fees!”
• “I’m always in stop and go mode so I’m don’t get as much done as I want to.”
• “Do I really have what it takes?”
• “I’m stuck. What are my next steps anyway?”
• “How do I attract my ideal clients?”


I get it. I’ve been there too.  I know what it feels like to wonder whether it’s even possible to enjoy a thriving business without giving up on your happiness.  

The truth is: you CAN have your dream business without abandoning your health, lifestyle, or time with your loved ones.  I know this from building a number of successful businesses.

Now I bring my personal experience to my work with business owners who want to have more money, more impact and more fun. I use energy-clearing mixed with deep-dive coaching that’s aligned with your true nature and desires, as well as a unique combination of strategies inspired from your Source. It’s a beautiful, freeing experience.


Here’s what’s possible FOR YOU with this support:

  • You EXPAND and THRIVE by gaining clarity on your next right steps.
  • You learn to work from a place of POWER NOT FORCE that helps you achieve success-with-ease rather than success-with-unneeded-suffering.
  • You improve your intuition so that you MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS.
  • You are more ALIGNED with your true self.
  • You allow yourself to RECEIVE MORE.

… as a result you feel connected to your life’s purpose, make more money, have more fun, and enjoy more free time.  And it’s all grounded in a deep connection with your Source.

Here are the ways I work with my clients:

  1. One-on-One individual coaching

We take a deep dive into your business, shift old patterns, put divinely guided strategies into action, and transform your business and your personal lives. All inspired from YOUR source. Private sessions are held by phone, Skype or Zoom. The length,  frequency, and content are totally tailored to YOUR life and business goals, YOUR plans, YOUR ambitions, and YOUR budget.

Or would you rather take a fast-track approach where you can “have it all at once”? An  intensive VIP day (virtual or in person) might be a good fit for you. I offer that as well.


  1. Small group coaching

Here you come together in a Mastermind group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders. We meet on a regular basis to focus on growing your business. I offer this as an effective way to brainstorm ideas, get ongoing knowledge, wisdom, and support, and create an additional sense of community where members get out of isolation and develop relationships with each other over time.

Ask me about my 4-month Happy HSP Business Academy or my 12-month Conscious Leadership Mastermind.


  1. Expansion Retreats

I offer retreats of various lengths for small groups, in person (in Paris, Provence, Arizona or Belize) or virtually. This is where you can experiment with out-of-the-box ideas and explore new approaches to expand in your life and business. It all happens with a light touch, a lot of fun and plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate. An unforgettable experience!


Look at what some of my clients have achieved:

  • Developed the confidence to come out of hiding and be VISIBLE
  • Tripled her income as a solo entrepreneur
  • Generated more money with less time and effort
  • Became an even greater, more effective and compassionate leader
  • Signed larger contracts than she’d ever thought possible
  • Hired the right employees who made massive contributions 
  • Found the perfect business partner

Yes, YOU TOO can make what seems impossible happen with ease. YOU TOO can have fun and make a big impact in the world, all while making real money in your business.

Are you ready to consider making a valuable investment in your personal and  business expansion?

If yes, then let’s talk about what’s going on in your business and life. We’ll discuss your goals and challenges, and explore whether deep-dive coaching and energy-clearing might be a good fit to help you rise to new heights.

Schedule a free Clarity Call with me now. 


What clients are saying:

“Nathalie’s intuitive gifts as well as her tremendous ability to sort out the details of the big picture for transparency and your forward movement are priceless.

I strongly recommend that you call Nathalie immediately to learn how she can greatly simplify your journey to abundance and freedom, both personally and professionally.” Katie R.

Nathalie helped me more than double my business income in just a few months. Nathalie is always positive, always enthusiastic, truly cares about her clients, and generously gives her time, heart, and soul to her work. I could not recommend any coach and healer more enthusiastically! Dana Zenobi


Nathalie is an extra-ordinary business and executive coach; she can free you from your worse leadership headaches, provide invaluable new perspectives along with time-tested solutions. She drills down very fast and will make you save time and money!Rose Perkins



Schedule a free Clarity Call with me now.