If it Feels Like You’re Spinning…


A client called me this morning totally distraught and confused. She said she had the weirdest week ever, felling completely ADHD, running like a chicken with a head.

– “I have so many things to do; and I did a lot of things this week, but it looks like I didn’t accomplish anything! I don’t know how that’s even possible?!”

Her mind was spinning; what had she done wrong? What could she have done differently? Why can’t she show results for all the effort and energy she put out?

We started the session as we always do, grounding ourselves, bringing our selves present, and I immediately noticed something was different. Mary was not fully present. She was not present AT ALL. It felt as if her soul had escaped somewhere else.

Now, this is the part where you might get lost, but if you know me even a little, or have experienced my work, then, you won’t really be surprised.
Bear with me a minute, let me dive into ‘energy talk’, in the intangible world; if you want some science behind it, we can talk later. But this post is more about the essence of who we are, and the impact of what we feel and do.

Mary was spinning, jumping from one idea to another, agitated, –even after trying to ground herself.

I recognized the pattern as I know it well. So, I went on to ask a serious question to our Source:

– “What percentage of Mary is in her body?”

The response was stunning. She was only 10% present in her body… the rest of her had run away.

I helped her brake out of the spinning happening in her mind and Mary started to find out that a few things had triggered her during the week, causing her to want to escape these situations. She told herself that she didn’t want to be there, and it felt like part of her left after hanging out a “Gone Fishing!” sign.

We did some energy work until I had the certainty that Mary was 100% back into her body. After a few deep breaths, she realized how present she felt now. There was a deeper, denser, grounded feeling in her belly. She was now speaking slower, in full sentences. More peace, calm, no agitation.

I explained to Mary that it is hard to accomplish things when you are not present in your body. When it seems like your mind is away, your soul is ‘on vacation’, who is left to give real direction? Mary had spent her week on autopilot.

And now she is fully back and able to tackle her [cherished] to-do-list with ease, grace, and efficacy!

I want to invite you to try this…

Take a minute to ground yourself. Take three deep breaths,

Then, ask yourself: “Am I fully present in my body?”

If you get a “No”, then ask: “On a scale from 1 to 10, how much am I present in my body?”

Notice the number you find.

Then, ask: “God/Spirit/Universe, help me get back RIGHT NOW fully present, fully incarnated, fully embodied in the now. I choose to be here 100% in my body. Thank you! All is well.”

Take three deep breaths.

Check, on a scale from 1 to 10 how present are you now?

Your number should go to 10. If it is not there yet, repeat your prayer to the Universe – more like a command, not at all a begging. Speak it with the knowingness that it is done.

To Your Success with Ease,

With Love,


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