Success Acceleration System May 2021 Resources

Congratulations and Welcome!

Your training is:

Sunday xx
9:00 AM PDT
to 1:00PM PDT

Training is done on zoom:


How to prepare for the training?

1. Set your intention!
– What do you want to get from this training?
– If you could wave a magic wand what would be possible with this amazing system,
for you (first)? for your family and friends? for your clients, customers, potential new clients? for the world?
Write your intention(s) down as there is magic in WRITING.
2. Reassure yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!
You have been divinely appointed by Spirit/God/Universe to learn/do this work, so have no doubt that you can do it!
It may take learning and practicing, yet you will be great at it. I can see it!
Let the little gremlins go! (You know… the 100 reasons you’ll create to avoid taking this training.) They are the fruit of your ego mind that wants to keep you from changing anything. Don’t listen to that! Just breathe and focus on something else more positive and more fun. You will be absolutely fine. And you may have great fun learning (at least, that’s MY intention.)
3. More Questions? 
Send your questions directly to me by TEXT to 602-881-3040.
I am here for you.
The day(s) BEFORE the training:
Print your charts and get a piece of string/thread and a ring/weight… or a real  pendulum to use during our training sessions.
No need to purchase an expensive pendulum with a fancy crystal (unless you want to. :-))
You will find the charts to print in the RESOURCES section below. (Keep reading.)
The day of the training:
Please come one time, or even 5 minutes early.
Have a lot of water to drink.
Have snacks and a light lunch with you. (We will take regular mini breaks during the training.)
Have pen and paper (or computer, tablet) to take notes, your charts printed (see below), and a pendulum (a string with a ring dangling from it will do!)
The day after the training:
Don’t overbook yourself that day.
Enjoy a light day with nice integration, walk in nature, and ample time to rest and play.
Download your charts and cheat sheets BEFORE the training:

Watch these 2 videos BEFORE the training:

1. Welcome to the SAS and what is it… really?!

2. How to Program Your Pendulum (Make sure you have downloaded the sheet that goes with it – see above):


Recording of the SAS-level1 training:

Part 0:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6: