Clients Results

"Nathalie's straight-forward and no-nonsense approach will get you to unstock and move you beyond your roadblocks, overwhelm, stress, or any other limitation. She is 100% committed to your success and is skilled in helping you to create a step-by-step aligned plan that will only produce extraordinary results in your business but more importantly in your life. With Nathalie's assistance, I have reoriented by business to more profitable activities; speaking to small and large groups I have now created a brand new stream of income, and I have more time for my personal life than ever before."
Pascale Charlier
HR Consulting, Corporate Training Founder of Leadership Conscient France
"Nathalie's approach is unique, uplifting and effortless. Having been in entrepreneurial business myself for the past 20 years, I have come to realize how personal, spiritual and sacred it is. Conventional wisdom says work harder when things are not opening the way you planned or envisioned. My experience [with Nathalie] has been the opposite, that doing energy work around the stuck places and issues saves time, money, energy and moves me closer to my goals. What I have experienced(...) is a release from a strain of my personal life and have been watching with amazement how the solutions are unfolding and making themselves apparent with a lot less effort on my part. In addition, I have more energy to work on my business an am noticing increased opportunities for my business. The techniques that Nathalie used were quite amazing and nothing I had experienced before. -Laser sharp in getting to the heart of the issues and far exceeded my expectations."
Andrea Carvin
High-Performance Coach, Founder of InnerSparks LLC Wisconsin, US
"Nathalie's remarkable intuitive, coaching, and clearing gifts will guide you to clarity, inspired strategy, and ultimately... expansion of consciousness and freedom."
Wendy Hastrich
Architect, Founder of the 'Deep Earth Architecture' system Australia
"I can highly recommend Nathalie and would encourage anyone who is ready to move into a greater place in their professional and personal life to work with her. She is a no-frills, down to earth, get it done executive business coach and professional woman with great sense of humor."
Sandy Rogers
Sandy Rogers
Marketing Mentor, Author, Speaker, Founder of AskSandyRogers Arizona, US
"Nathalie Ekobo is not just another coach. Her enthusiasm, warmth efficiency, incredible concrete knowledge, practical solutions and high spiritual dimension make her absolute unique. Her advice is worth every penny. Her intuition is outstanding and vision undeniable. Nathalie's positive energy opens doors to your future that you could never even imagined. She is a true friend with your best interest at heart. She is also a highly professional visionary with an integrity to be commended. Nathalie's creative solutions will make whatever blocked you previously in your career simply dissolved in front of your eyes. revealing horizons beyond your wildest dreams. If you want your career (or business) to be all that it can be, you simply cannot afford NOT to work with Nathalie. I heartily recommend hiring Nathalie Ekobo. Miracles will be part of your daily life and magic will unfold all around you!"
Michelle Karen
Astrologer, Author, Speaker, Shaman Global Citizen
"... No losing time with Nathalie, she goes to the point really fast and that is rare! Nathalie has used her X-ray vision on me numerous times with results that are astounding. Her clearing technique is absolutely amazing: almost instantly I felt my blocks being removed..."
Mary Ann Wolf
Entrepreneur, Healing Practitioner Arizona, US
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Nathalie and was delighted with what she shared. I had not ever had a reading of this sort done before and so wasn't quite sure what to expect. Nathalie made the session, safe and fun while also giving my questions serious attention. She offered significant insights and confirmation on some things that have been going on for a long time- apparently even in other lives! I laughed, I cried, I was amazed at the depth of understanding and revelation in her words. She shed light on some issues with both my business and personal life that have resulted in some profound shifts. The consultation was powerful, enlightening, and inspiring"
Helen Graves
Professional Educator California, US
"Nathalie is an extra-ordinary executive and business coach; she can free you from your worse leadership headaches, provide invaluable new perspectives along with time-tested solutions. She drills down very fast and will make you save time and money!"
Rose Perkins
Experienced Independent Brand Partner and Recruiter for Nerium International Arizona, US
"After working with Nathalie I attracted a brand new stream of income, and I have created $144,000.00 additional revenue a year."
Karen Capello
Mentor, Certified Coach Arizona, US
"Very quickly Nathalie recognizes and understood the issues I was facing as the CEO of the growing business. She gave me precious insights and a new perspective, and she challenged my thinking and helped me to identify solutions. As a business owner that's invaluable."
ana hawk
Ana Sparrow Hawk
President at Red Paper Clip Arizona, US
"Nathalie worked with me to clear the clutter of my brain that comes with being an entrepreneur and executive. She lead me through a series of awareness exercises with a gentleness and wisdom only an experienced CEO coach can offer. She cleared out blocks I did not know I had, making room for a positive future. I highly recommend her coaching and clearing practice as for me personally it allows me to move forward with confidence into 2019. "
Laurelle F. Johnson, MBA
Creative President, Strategies for Growth California, US
"Nathalie is an incredibly gifted healer and a wonderfully skilled and effective coach. She helped me more than double my business income in just a few months, and I've experienced great results in my overall health and well-being from her SAS technique. Nathalie is always positive, always enthusiastic, truly cares about her clients, and generously gives her time, heart, and soul to her work. I could not recommend any coach and healer more enthusiastically!"
Dana Zenobi
Professional Singer, Co-Founder of BELTA Texas, US
"I've worked with Nathalie several times and enjoy the results I see happen from that work. Whether I'm stuck in old patterns of doing things or just am looking to find a better way to conduct business, Nathalie has an amazing way of encouraging me to see what was right in front of my eyes and helping me to recognize how to implement the ideas.
Paula Svetlecich
CEO, Synergy Stillness Arizona, US