ATTENTION Spiritually-Open, Purpose-Driven, Conscious Entrepreneurs and Executives, Enjoy:

The Simple Formula to Co-Create with More Ease

Watch the video to get this simple yet super-effective formula!

SUPERCHARGE this formula working with Nathalie and you too can ENJOY something like THIS (or better):

Sample of Clients’ Results:

  • Created a healing practitioner business that makes over $100,000 working part-time
  • Healed from chronic fatigue in less than a month
  • Found the love of her life
  • Manifested multiple free trips to exotic destinations
  • Created a multi-million dollar company (and then another one 7 years later)
  • Rapidly sold a house (that was on the market for…ever!)
  • Brought a coaching business to above $200,000 working only 3.5 days a week
  • Activated a flow of ideal clients (and made $3,500) in just a couple sessions
  • Designed an aligned business plan that totally fit her lifestyle and desires (after years of struggling with cookie-cutter strategies)
  • Saved $40,000 after hearing just one inspired insight
  • Shifted from a lifetime of guilt, shame, and self-punishment to an amazing lighter life of fun and love
  • Published three books with a famous publisher
  • Moved to Florida and started a brand new life and an amazing business
  • Made super aligned connections that resulted in several five and six figure deals
  • Sparked new ideas to create profitable businesses
  • Healed family relationships in the most perfect way possible
  • Created a brand new coaching business and made $50,000 in the first four months
  • Won trials 
  •  Manifested the perfect right house
  • Created a company (on the side) that made multiple six figures while working full time 
  • Cleared OUT (for good) heavy stress and perception of ‘having no time’
  • Created peace, fun, and freedom in life while running a business
  • and much more…

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About Nathalie Ekobo

For over two decades, award-winning Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Business Alchemist, Nathalie Ekobo, has helped over 11,000 spiritually-open, mission-driven, conscious entrepreneurs and executives to create more impact, flow, and freedom.

Merging science and spirituality, Nathalie helps you tap into the soul blueprint to create vivid clarity and alignment in life and business. Her clients ditch exhaustion, frustration, and sacrifice to create from a place of power — not force. 

Nathalie has been featured on Channel 3 TV, Fox News, CTV, The Wall Street Journal, KFNX radio. She has shared the stage with Dr. Judith Orloff, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, teaching time-tested, practical spiritual solutions to accelerate success and greatness.