The ‘Freedom and Flow’ Online Retreat | 08/2021

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Freedom and Flow

2021 Online Retreat | August 27 & 28, 2021

From Struggle, Success Exhaustion, and/or Overwhelm to Ease, Flow, and Freedom
For Conscious Entrepreneurs, {Highly} Sensitive Leaders, and Empaths —
Audacious, spiritually open, with the desire to co-create from Power not from Force

As conscious leaders, change agents,
YOU and I are called into a BIGGER game!

And we can do it with MORE EASE, FREEDOM, and FLOW than we used to.

Right now, YOU are asked to show up with a deeper and higher level of vibration that promotes easier transformation and expansion for all of us individually and collectively during these {interesting} times. Old energies (from the collective consciousness and your own programming) have caused you (and me!) to create overwhelm, operating from a place of stress and struggle in your life and business

You’ve worked hard. You’ve made things happen. with force. Maybe you rushed onto new strategies, new trainings, new tips and tricks from experts that were not aligned with the soul of your business.

You may suffer from success exhaustion or you may be frustrated with your results. In both cases, it is time to connect and listen to your own soul’s wisdom.

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Time to shift into working with ease, expanding your influence and creating more freedom. You deserve it!

(And when you and your business grow with ease, the whole world shifts and we all benefit from it.)

During this 2-Day Online Retreat, I will be leading you and a group of entrepreneurs, change agents, and leaders into your higher frequency, clarity, and alignment to end 2021 beautifully strong!

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Welcome! I am inviting only those that already are established entrepreneurs change agents, and leaders that feel called to live their purpose and create more impact, income, and influence from a place of ease, freedom, and flow.

You have either been hand selected to attend or referred to attend through an intuitive nudge of a peer or friend. I deliberately make this experience happen in an intimate selective playground. Together we will create a sacred alchemy

Doing this 2-day Retreat, you will (re-)discover:

How to connect with the soul of your business
Re-define the gap (challenge, frustration, struggle)
How to remove your blocks from your soul blueprint
How to receive inspired actions
How to heal your relationship with money and time
How to create success from Power not from Force (stop working hard!)
Create Your Freedom & Flow Plan

And you will enjoy:

  Energy clearing and activation
  Guidance, channeling from Source
  Attunements and opening of your own energy centers
  Meditations and fun exercises to implement right away
  Opportunities to network and make new friends with like-minded leaders

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I am looking forward to having you attend and be open and expecting an upgrade of what is truly possible and available for you to finish 2021 beautifully strong.

Although this retreat could be worth thousands of dollars due to it’s transformational nature and the connections that you will be making, I am gifting it to you and asking for you to donate to your favorite charity because I simply want to make it easy for you to say YES to yourself.

Get into your heart and feel if you have the desire to join us. Decide now!
The Retreat is September 24 & 25, 2021 — 9:30am PDT to 2pm PDT


Do I need to attend the entire 2 days to be able to attend this retreat?
The short answer is NO, as long as you can fully commit to the part you can attend (don’t let excuses, gremlins, ego mind, or resistance stop you and sabotage your FLOW and FREEDOM creation!)

That said, ideally if you can clear your busy schedule, just know that this retreat is created as a whole, and the two days build up on each other.

But, the Universe has your back, so COMMIT to as much time as you can, mark your calendar, and join us for the time you can.

This is NOT like any other online workshop, webinar, or training. This is NOT like any business training and NOT like any self-development or mindset training.

This experience will blow your socks off!

“Nathalie’s remarkable intuitive, coaching, and clearing gifts will guide you to clarity,
inspired strategy, and ultimately… expansion of consciousness and freedom.” Wendy

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“Nathalie’s approach is unique, uplifting and effortless. Having been in entrepreneurial business myself for the past 20 years, I have come to realize how personal, spiritual and sacred it is.

Conventional wisdom says work harder when things are not opening the way you planned or envisioned. My experience [with Nathalie] has been the opposite, that doing energy work around the stuck places and issues saves time, money, energy and moves me closer to my goals.

What I have experienced(…) is a release from a strain of my personal life and have been watching with amazement how the solutions are unfolding and making themselves apparent with a lot less effort on my part.

In addition, I have more energy to work on my business an am noticing increased opportunities for my business.

The techniques that Nathalie used were quite amazing and nothing I had experienced before. -Laser sharp in getting to the heart of the issues and far exceeded my expectations.

Andrea Carvin
 High-Performance Coach, Founder of InnerSparks LLC
Wisconsin, US

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“I love Nathalie’s tools and techniques to get ‘connected to my inner CEO’! Just one coaching
“insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income! I am ready to reap more fruits
now as I am more aligned, less stressed, and thanks to Nathalie I have a clear plan. “

Robin Foster

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More questions? Email: Or text +1 602-881-3040