Are you realizing it’s already fall and you secretly wished you were further along?

Join Us to Finish 2022 Beautifully Strong!🎉💥❣️

Friday, Sept.30 & Saturday, Oct.1

9AM PST to 2PM PST (AZ time) 

It’s Fall already! Do you secretly wish you were further along?
Do you feel that you’re still working too hard and you get depleted?
Do you keep forcing and pushing things to happen (which creates more resistance)?

It’s NOT your fault!

You are caught into ‘old energies’ (from the collective consciousness and your own old programming) causing you to get overwhelmed of frustrated, stuck or unclear on what to do next…

It’s time to SHIFT off of these spiraling energies and create a FRESH NEW MOMENTUM! 


2022 STILL IS YOUR YEAR. Imagine…

You work with EASE. You create MORE IMPACT. More FREEDOM.

Your plan is ALIGNED to YOU.

And Truth is: You deserve success with ease and grace!

This is WHY this 2-day virtual event is specifically designed for amazing, unconventional, innovative agents of change like you!

I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to take a leap and  treat you to this COMPLEMENTARY online retreat, because it’s my birthday!

And because I want you to SHIFT… into higher frequencies, CLARITY, and ALIGNMENT for an AMAZING last quarter of 2022!


Gold Flower of Life

The Universe is conspiring for your Success!

There’s no accident, only beautiful synchronicity. You have either been hand selected or referred through an intuitive nudge of a peer or friend to attend this magical retreat.

I deliberately make this experience happen in an intimate selective playground.
Together we will create a Sacred Alchemy.


With this 2-day Retreat, we will celebrate a MAGICAL NEW BEGINNING (hey, I’m turning 60!)

YOU will (re-)discover:

How to LISTEN to the soul of your business to finish 2022 beautifully strong
The powerful formula that brings my clients MILLIONS of dollars and TIME FREEDOM
How to ACCESS your soul blueprint to find accurate information and remove old programs and other {nasty, debilitating } money blocks
The simplest way to create effective ALIGNEMENT in business (and life!)
How to HEAL your relationship with money and time
How to create success from Power not from Force (stop working hard!)
And much more!


  LIVE Customized Energy Clearings and Activations
  Personal Guidance, Channeling from Source 
  Attunements and opening of your own energy centers
  Meditations and fun exercises to implement right away
  Opportunities to network and make new friends with like-minded leaders


A Very Unique Opportunity

I am looking forward to having you attend and be open and EXPECTING AN UPGRADE of what is truly possible and available for you to finish 2022 beautifully strong.

This retreat is worth thousands of dollars due to it’s transformational nature and the connections that you will be making, yet it is COMPLETELY FREE for you… because it’s my birthday!

I’m just asking you to please donate to your favorite charity  and to…


September 30 & October 1, 2022

9:00am to 2:00pm PST

On zoom, in the comfort of your home or office.

… with a 45-minute break for lunch at 11:45AM PST (until 12:30PM PST) where you can bring your lunch to our zoom room and make new friends!


What People Are Saying


Conventional wisdom says work harder when things are not opening the way you planned or envisioned. My experience [with Nathalie] has been the opposite!  Doing energy work around the stuck places and issues saved time, money, energy and moved me closer to my goals!”    ~Andrea Carvin


“I love Nathalie’s tools and techniques to get ‘connected to my inner CEO’! Just one coaching “insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income! I am ready to reap more fruits now as I am more aligned, less stressed, and thanks to Nathalie I have a clear plan. ”     ~Robin Foster

What are you waiting for, my Friend? It’s time to say YES to yourself!
I look forward to co-creating with you there! 💖✨✨✨
Love and Blessings,



  • Do I need to attend the entire 2 days to be able to attend this retreat?
    The short answer is a question: “Why wouldn’t you MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY?”

But, I understand life happens, so… as long as you can fully commit to the part(s) you can attend then, I’m fine with that. (But, don’t let excuses, gremlins, ego mind, or resistance stop you and sabotage your CLARITY and VISION creation!)

That said, I ask you to please clear your busy schedule, just know that this retreat is created as a whole, and the two days build up on each other.

And the Universe has your back, so COMMIT to AS MUCH TIME as you can, mark your calendar, and join us for the time you can.

This is NOT like any other online workshop, webinar, or training. This is NOT like any business training and NOT like any self-development or mindset training. This is a SACRED TIME where we co-create together!

Come with your beautiful HEART and INTENTION, and you will receive what you intend plus some fabulous magic. Let the Universe surprise you❣️

  • Do I have to pay anything for the retreat?
    No, it’s my treat for you because it’s my birthday! I just kindly ask that you donate to your favorite charity as way to pay if forward. ~Thanks.
 More questions? Email: Or text +1 602-881-3040