Wake Up Fully Refreshed and Alert!


How to Easily Let Go of the Accumulated Fatigue and/or Mental Exhaustion


…and wake up in the morning, naturally and at the right time,
fully refreshed, alert, and enthusiastic,
planning for an amazing day


In this tip, we are going to put your subconscious to work.

1. The night before, take a few deep breaths to relax your body. With your eyes closed, ask
your subconscious to wake you up at [mention the precise time you desire to wake up at].

2. Visualize a clock (digital or numeric) with the numbers, or hands on the desired time.

3. Then, tell your intention to subconscious “I want to wake up fully refreshed and alert.”

4. Add: “…having recovered from any fatigue* that I might have accumulated the (few)
day(s) before…” (due (for leaders) to a conference, or a stressful situation to solve, or (for
athletes) to an ongoing competition)

5. Continue by adding: “…with the amount of energy I need to surpass** my goals…”

6. Finish with: “…and I want to live a magnificent*** day at all levels.”

7. and “seal the deal” with (according to your preference), with the assured feeling or
knowingness that your subconscious will make it happen:
“Amen.” Or “And so it IS! Or “It is done, it is done, it is DONE!”


* Your subconscious (the hypothalamus) will, at the right time, free the right neurotransmitters
(endorphin, noradrenaline, dopamine,) for you to recuperate with ease.

Remember that the key is in the request(s) you make. The subconscious can do this ONLY if you ask it!

** Be careful with what words you use. If you ask to REACH your goals, the subconscious will assist you to
reach them at 100%. If you ask to surpass your goals, your subconscious will help you go the extra mile and
reach 120%, 150%, 200%…

*** Here also, be aware of the choice of words. Do NOT ask for an “exceptional”, “extraordinary”, or
“surprising” day… because it could be exceptional, extraordinary, or surprising in a VERY unpleasant (or
bad) way. So, make sure you use a positive word!


“I want to wake up fully refreshed and alert, having recovered from
any fatigue that I might have accumulated the (few) day(s) before,
with the amount of energy I need to surpass my goals,
and I want to live a magnificent day at all levels.
Amen. / And so it IS! / It is done, it is done, it is DONE!”


A quick note on the subconscious:

The subconscious is part of your mental body, just like your conscious. It is related to the right hemisphere
of your brain, while the conscious, is related to the left hemisphere.

Your subconscious is like a sponge. It captures (absorbs?!) information that your conscious completely
missed. All that can ‘escape’ your consciousness impregnates and imprints itself in your subconscious.
Experts often describe the subconscious as a huge hard drive, where all your thoughts, all your emotions
are stored, and that since your birth.

The subconscious is neutral, it does not judge you, it does not have the capacities, it simply takes your
thoughts, your emotions, good or bad and it stores them in its ‘database’, only to give them back to you

The subconscious is stronger than the conscious; it always has the last word. Do you want a proof? Why is
it so difficult for smokers to quit smoking, or for people to lose weight permanently, despite all their
goodwill? Simply because there is a habit deeply embedded in their subconscious, and as the subconscious
always ends up reaching its goal, eventually they fail in their intention to quit.

The good news is that you can put your subconscious to work (positively) for you. For instance, it takes 21
days to re-program your subconscious to change a habit that is not serving you.



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