Get Unstuck Now

Stop Spinning Your Wheels. Get Unstuck!

You can’t live with purpose and flow, or enjoy your business or career or life, when you feel stuck or stagnant.

When you’ve done everything you know how to do, yet you still feel that something is holding you back, your energy may be stuck at that deep level that standard clearing techniques simply can’t reach.

Nathalie Ekobo clears that stuck energy at the level of your Source.
She gets rid of root causes and obstacles that are holding you back, at the level where they began – even before your birth.


As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you KNOW that:

  • Unseen possibilities are waiting to be brought to the light
  • Your commitment to your personal growth speeds up your professional and personal success
  • When you’re constantly evolving, you attract more of what you really desire into your life, with less force and more power


Isn’t it time to tap into your Source and clear those deeply rooted energetic blocks?
Don’t you want to open to an even higher level of financial and personal success without exhausting and frustrating yourself?

  • Stop the self sabotage
  • Remove the hidden energy blocks that are holding you back.
  • Say “Goodbye!” to frustration and overwhelm
  • Activate more ease and flow 
  • Enjoy even MORE financial success in your life

Clear away the veils with Nathalie’s unique combination of deep coaching, energy activation, program removal at the subconscious and soul levels, and intuitive guidance.

Then you can see clearly what’s possible for you.  And you step into the strength, motivation and insights to make it all happen.


Nathalie’s guidance comes directly from your Source, from your Expanded Self, that part of you that touches God/Spirit/Universe. It realigns your soul’s blueprint and removes those challenges that aren’t serving you anymore. You drill down to core issues and resolve them at a very deep level.

Now you can make new agreements and go forward with new hope.


No frills, down to earth”

I can highly recommend Nathalie and would encourage anyone who is ready to move into a greater place in their professional and personal life to work with her. She is a no-frills, down to earth, get it done executive business coach and professional woman with great sense of humor.”

Sandy Rogers
Marketing Mentor, Author, Speaker, Founder of AskSandyRogers


Some results Nathalie’s clients have achieved

In their careers or business:

  • Developed the confidence to come out of hiding and be VISIBLE
  • Finally got the promotion she deserved
  • Found the perfect job that had escaped her for years
  • Became an even greater, more effective and compassionate leader
  • Created a brand new multi-million-dollar business
  • Hired the right employees who made massive contributions
  • Signed larger contracts than she’d ever thought possible
  • Found the perfect business partner
  • Tripled her income as a business owner


“Nathalie’s approach is unique, uplifting and effortless”

“Conventional wisdom says work harder when things are not opening the way you planned or envisioned. My experience [with Nathalie] has been the opposite, that doing energy work around the stuck places and issues saves time, money, energy and moves me closer to my goals.

What I have experienced(…) is a release from a strain of my personal life and have been watching with amazement how the solutions are unfolding and making themselves apparent with a lot less effort on my part.

In addition, I have more energy to work on my business and am noticing increased opportunities for my business.

The techniques that Nathalie used were quite amazing and nothing I had experienced before. –Laser sharp in getting to the heart of the issues and far exceeded my expectations.

Andrea Carvin, High-Performance Coach, Founder of InnerSparks LLC


Other massive shifts from Nathalie’s clients

In their personal lives:

Deep clearing work affects ALL levels of your life and being.  

  • Sold a house for top dollar AND found her perfect home
  • Let go of depression
  • Rekindled relationships she thought were broken for ever
  • Stopped feeling specific chronic pain
  • Healed from the loss of a partner, parent or child
  • Let go of built-up anger, shame and guilt
  • Healed various addictions 
  • Stopped pushing themselves to the level of exhaustion and trying to force outcomes. Instead allowing the right things to happen at the right time. Enjoying being in the FLOW


“Not just another coach…”

“Nathalie Ekobo is not just another coach. Her enthusiasm, warmth efficiency, incredible concrete knowledge, practical solutions and high spiritual dimension make her absolute unique. Her advice is worth every penny. Her intuition is outstanding and vision undeniable.

Nathalie’s positive energy opens doors to your future that you could never even imagined. She is a true friend with your best interest at heart. She is also a highly professional visionary with an integrity to be commended.

Nathalie’s creative solutions will make whatever blocked you previously in your career simply dissolved in front of your eyes, revealing horizons beyond your wildest dreams. If you want your career (or business) to be all that it can be, you simply cannot afford NOT to work with Nathalie.

I heartily recommend hiring Nathalie Ekobo. Miracles will be part of your daily life and magic will unfold all around you!

Michelle Karen, Astrologer, Author, Speaker, Shaman, Global Citizen


How did all this happen?

With Nathalie’s “Get Unstuck” program.

“Get Unstuck” is a deep dive one-on-one coaching solution that will give you clarity, direction, and focus.

With the right help you CAN achieve what seemed impossible and with more ease that you ever could imagine.
Co-create from your true alignment and discover new heights in your life and business.


If you can accept this concept, schedule a time to talk with Nathalie
and explore the possibilities that are waiting for you.