The HSP Business Academy

It seems better for Highly Sensitive People (HSP) to work for themselves and live their dreams as entrepreneurs. They make amazing conscious leaders and innovative entrepreneurs.

YOU are one of them. Let’s turn your HSP challenges into business blessings!

The world needs more people like YOU with great talents, great gifts, and great purpose. 

Are you ready for MORE? More Impact. More Income. More Freedom. Without struggle. Without sacrificing your quality of life.

Most HSP entrepreneurs are great in their zone of genius. But they work too hard, get overwhelmed, and risk getting burnt out. 

If you want to achieve next-level success in your life and business with more ease and flow than you currently experience, it’s time to give yourself permission to break through your limitations and tap into higher vibrations that will propel you to new heights!

My HSP Business Academy has two streams:

  1. If you are the knd of person who prefers  on-one-one interaction, lots of focused personal intention, totally focused on your business and you,
  • 6-month private sessions


Features and benefits

2. If you interact better in a group, then I have 8-week mini-groups



Let’s talk about your business. Your goals, successes, and biggest challenges. And also, your energy level, charisma, and attraction factor.

“Your technique to “magnetize clients” is quite extraordinary and fun! I used it a few times, and I just “attracted” a $60,000 contract with so much ease. Thank you, Nathalie!”
Lisa George, Consultant

“After working with Nathalie, I attracted a brand new stream of income. I have created an additional $144,000 for the year.”
Karen Cappello, Certified Coach

If you are motivated to make this year YOUR BEST YEAR YET,
and want to get results similar to these ones (or even better?!),
schedule a time to chat now! 

Please, make sure you can commit to these 4 things before booking:

  1. You have an actual GOAL you want to achieve now. A measurable GOAL that you want to achieve with your business -be it financial or other
  2. You ARE absolutely COMMITTED to achieving that goal
  3. You WILL SHOW up on time and honor your appointment because this is designed to GIVE YOU CLARITY and BREAKTHROUGH. So, at the time of our appointment, you will be in a quiet space and focused on YOU!
  4. You will put reminders in your calendar and anywhere else you need to,so you don’t forget about this special time we are going to set aside for you.

You can commit? Fabulous! Let’s get you scheduled right now!

Quick legal note: Results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. 

But, let’s talk about what YOU could make happen. THIS IS YOUR TIME! Amazing clients are ready for you. Don’t keep them waiting any longer!

I look forward to meeting you and your business.