Congrats, you’re in!
Here is what to do next…

So happy that you’re taking this time for yourself to create (or fine-tune) your amazing vision for 2023 and beyond! 

A few quick to-dos:

(1)Join our conscious tribe here in our private free Facebook Group, so you can interact with other amazing, spiritually-open, unconventional agents of change, fellow students… and me!

(2) The retreat starts NOW! Please fill out this questionnaire ASAP to get ready and get clarity on your intentions: 

(3) Mark your calendar for Sunday January 29.
At 8am PST/9:00am MST/10am CST/11:am EST
for 90 minutes.

Note: I am NOT the type of person to send you reminders for an event. I assume you’re able to block your time and set a reminder (or check your calendar, how about that?!)
You will only receive one reminder with the event workbook  a couple of days prior to the Retreat.

(4) My intention is that this is going to be a transformational workshop for you. Can you think of a couple of amazing women leaders or entrepreneurs you might like to share this with?


Please copy & paste this link to send them an invite with a few words:

Hello my friend,
I’ll attend this 90-min Vision retreat with Business Alchemist Nathalie Ekobo. I think you may like it too. Check it out:

(5) Please, give! This retreat is a beautiful training designed to bring you a LOT of value (it’s not a sales pitch! If it were in my services, I’d price it at $999.)

To show gratitude and also pay it forward, please make a donation to the charity of your choice.

A few suggestions:

There is no little amount. Give what you can. Everything counts and is of great help to these organizations.
Thank you in advance for your generosity! ❤️

The details on the upcoming retreat via Zoom are below. Also check your email for the details. (check your spam and promotion folders if needed)

If you have any questions, please email

How to prepare?

You need: a notebook, pens of different colors (if possible), tea/coffee if you want, AND water to stay hydrate because we will do energy clearing and activation.

Come with the INTENTION and STRONG DESIRE of what you want to receive out of this special time together.

Your Access to the Retreat:

Sunday 01/29/23
at 8:00am PST for 90 minutes

If you need to check your local time zone, please check here:


Zoom Meeting Information :


If you Zoom App is already open:
Zoom Meeting Number: 445 027 9047

I look forward to co-creating Sacred Alchemy with you! 🎉🎯💥🔎🎉
See you soon,
xoxo Nathalie 😘 💖✨✨✨