Congrats, you’re in!
Here is what to do next…

So happy that you’re taking this time for yourself and to join other amazing, spiritually-open, audacious, conscious entrepreneurs.


A few quick to-dos:

(1)Join our private free Facebook Groupso you can interact with other amazing, audacious, spiritual entrepreneurs, visionaries, fellow students… and me!
Find the ‘Clarity & Vision’ post that ask you to introduce yourself and your business (pinned at the top) in the comments section.

(2)Mark your calendar for Saturday January 29 and Sunday January 30:
 we are ON from 9:00am PST to 2pm PST.

Try to come to BOTH DAYS as they build up on each other. (and… we know you’re busy, so if you have to miss a part of the Retreat, we’ll welcome back at any time!)

Note: I am NOT the type of person to send you 3 or 5 reminders for an event. I assume you’re able to block your time and set a reminder (or check your calendar, how about that?!)
You will only receive one reminder with the workshop handout the day prior to the Retreat (8/26).

(3) Can you think of just ONE entrepreneur who might like to share this retreat with you? Copy & paste this link to send them an invite:

(4) Please, give! This retreat is a beautiful training designed to bring you a LOT of value (it’s not a sales pitch! If it were in my services, I’d price it at $999.)

To show gratitude and also pay it forward, please make a donation to the charity of your choice.

Here are the ones that I regularly donate to
(and you can choose another one, I’m not attached.) :

There is no little amount. Give what you can. Everything counts and is of great help to these organizations.
Thank you in advance for your generosity! ❤️

The details on the upcoming retreat via Zoom are below. Also check your email for the details. (check your spam folder if needed)
If you have any questions, please email

How to prepare?

You need: a notebook, pens of different colors (if possible), tea/coffee AND water, snacks (to feed your brain)

Note: We will break for lunch for an hour every day around 12pm PST. I will leave the zoom room open for fun networking. Have your meal ready so you don’t miss this time for precious connection with your community.

Day 1 💥 | January 29 |  9:00am – 2pm PST
Gain Clarity + Elevate Your Soul and the Soul of Your Business

Day 1 starts on January 29 at 9:00am PST (12pm EST) Please come 5 minutes early!
If you need to check your local time zone, please check here:

Zoom Meeting Information :


Day 2 🎯 | January 30|  9:00am – 2pm PST
‘Download’ (or Co-Create) Your Sacred Plan for 2022

Day 2 starts on September 25 at 9:30am PDT (and MST for Arizona!) Please come 5-10 minutes early!
If you need to check your local time zone, please check here:

Zoom Meeting Information:

I look forward to experiencing Clarity and Vision with you! 🎉🎯💥🔎🎉
See you soon,
xoxo Nathalie 😘 ❤️