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If you’re ready to remove your money blocks so that your life rocks, then you’re in the right place.

Click “play” below and find out what truly blocks you, how to restore the flow of money, prosperity, etc. and how this unique program will help you.

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Enrollment in The ABUNDANCE Project closes in

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Does this sound like you?

“Why am I the smartest, most resourceful woman I know, but I still struggle making money?”
“I want financial freedom – which is… to make more than I can spend.”
“I can’t ask for a raise.”
“I need help with my money blocks.”
“I want to get off the hamster wheel of hard work, struggle, and burnout, and make money with more ease!”
“I’ve been told I don’t charge enough for my services. I struggle with the idea.
“I really want to make money doing what I love, but I can’t seem to break the glass ceiling.”
“I want to be financially secure.”
“I feel overwhelmed with debt.”

You’re not alone.

Do you feel that you over-deliver and are underpaid?
If you are an entrepreneur, do you dream of offering high-end services at premium rates without being able to make your ASK?
If you work in an organization, do you feel uncomfortable asking for a raise?

It is time to claim prosperity and abundance for yourself with EASE and FLOW.

Ladies, you are making it too complicated. Too much struggle!

The key to your success is NOT based on hard work and effort.

Instead, it is based on being empowered to access the gift that you were born with and nurture it in a way that creates harmony AND prosperity.

You’ve read books on prosperity and tried to do some mindset work and all that is good but it still leaves you craving a change in life.

Am I right?

I can help you…

We won’t do the kind of work you’ve been doing — you won’t feel overwhelmed, work too hard, or even try to sort out and push through old memories of your childhood.

Nope. The work I will guide you through is the kind of work that comes from your Inner Self (the “Divine” in you) — it powerfully clears blocks and negative beliefs, eradicates limitations. You will be able to ground the energy of ABUNDANCE into your life.



Working with Nathalie, I increased my income by 368%. I went from making $1,500 per month to create a monthly income of $7,000.
~ Mike C.   
Photographer, Editor

After working with Nathalie, I attracted a brand-new stream of income (with ease) which allowed me to create $144,000 additional income.
~ Karen P.   
Mentor, Certified Coach

What if instead:

  • You are done with anxiety, self-doubt, and self-sabotage, and you move freely on your path of abundance.
  • You feel confident asking for a raise, or for what you’re worth for your services.
  • You are not crippled by the feeling of LACK of money, or frozen when it comes to looking at your bank statement.
  • You learn a way to co-create abundance at all levels (not just financial!)

If this sounds, feels or looks good to you then you’re in the right place.

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Introducing …


This is the start of your amazing Abundance path. 
You’ll learn that what you focus on (e.g. lack of money) is what you keep creating. You’ll also discover that…

Abundance is NOT just about having a success mindset.
Abundance is NOT about working hard towards achieving a goal.
Abundance is NOT about having to know how to get something.
Abundance is NOT about money.

Abundance is so much greater than all of that. It’s a way of being, thinking, manifesting, living from a place of prosperity, financial wealth and RECEIVING all wrapped in one.

In other words, it’s knowing how to live your life completely immersed in the energy of abundance. 

When you unlock the abundance formula that makes your life EASIER, you will easily tap into the wealth of prosperity waiting for you!

This 6-week program is delivered online and on the phone LIVE with Nathalie. It gives you the structure, tools, step-by-step instructions, inspiration, and support so that you can clear away your old blocks, programs, beliefs, and fears around money, activate abundance, and allow yourself to receive it.

Here’s what you’ll get with The ABUNDANCE Project:

Weekly motivating assignments to walk you through the abundance formula, a combination of various fun exercises to remove the negative, activate the positive, help you heal the old wounds, and get guidance on how to co-create more abundance

A specific action plan that brings Abundance in your life

6 LIVE calls with Nathalie with teaching, guidance, and coaching (value $1,998)

✅ A private Facebook community so you can exchange ideas, and feel supported

You are invited to enroll now with a $100 savings off the program price of $497, so you only pay $397!

I’m giving you even more value with my “10 steps to Charge What You’re Really WORTH and get it!” online program that will show you exactly what to do to confidently increase your fees, and how to ask for the money you truly deserve value: $297

Before working with Nathalie, I struggled with finding value in myself and was not charging what I was worth.
After working with Nathalie, I received $10,000 (unexpectedly) and the clients just started to flow in. I now feel totally worthy and clear.
~ Marina B.    
Health practitioner

Before working with Nathalie, my business was lined up and ready, but it hadn’t quite taken off. After working with Nathalie, the floodgates opened. In the past two days, I made $3,500.

I no longer feel guilty or selfish the way I used to, about having money. Instead, I feel happy and excited as the money come to me and am free to enjoy it!
~ Kathy W.   
Behavior Parenting Coach

You HAVE to get to know Nathalie, she is the real deal – authentic, loving yet straight to the point, she knows how to inspire you to take the right action to move ahead towards success; she invites you to look at issues in a different, more spiritual manner. Talk to her, and you will find out how to take yourself and your business to a new level, the one you desire and deserve!
~ Elvire S.  

Are you ready to walk on your Abundance path, so that you stop worrying about money, and start focusing on what you love, the difference you make, and the freedom-based lifestyle you now create?

In The ABUNDANCE Project you’ll:

  • Find your true money blocks – and take immediate steps to remove them.
  • Create your ideal abundant life – testing a few of my favorite co-creation techniques, so you can define what works best for YOU, and use it to bring abundance in your life.
  • Learn how to deal with any negative thought or belief –that causes you to experience lack, anxiety, high-level stress, doubt, depression or any negative experience and how to shift into the positive.
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind –to help you access your power to have financial FLOW.
  • Learn why the Law of Attraction may not have served you well so far –and understand what to ‘tweak’ so that it brings you everything you desire, and more.
  • Create a new Prosperity story –one that’s much more empowering for you and start to feel it and live it out.
  • Discover how to tap into your inner guidance –so that you take (rich!) inspired actions instead of the traditional cookie-cutter strategies that leave you working hard.
  • Become a pro at co-creating Abundance and Prosperity –you’ll learn the abundance formula and understand who successful people BE to run a successful business and live a prosperous life.
  • Learn about the Clear Your Path system, a separate process (not taught in this program though) to reprogram your Soul Blueprint (at an even deeper level than the Subconscious level). This will give you a chance to continue your education later if you so choose, so that you get to the root causes of anything that may block you at any level (not just financial, but success/health/ and relationships blockages too) and learn to remove them, activate positive expressions, and allow (fast) healing.

All so you can finally take the “hard work and struggle” out of the success and money equation and replace it with “ease and flow”.





✅ Co-create the vision of your desired financial life. (Your vision for this year AND vision 3 years from now)

✅ Embrace the vision without any doubt or limitation

✅ Learn the basic principles that will bring you the freedom

✅ Get the 3 keys that will open your infinite “treasure chest”



✅ Be done with your money past in this module. The money ‘mistakes’ are forgiven.  The shame, guilt, and other ancestral dysfunctions are now healed 

✅ Understand the impact of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and learn how to really deal with these (an unexpected strategy!)

✅ Discover the real power of Ho’oponopono and the proper way to use it (To my knowledge this is not taught anywhere else than by shamans in Hawaii and Tahiti.)

✅ Receive a choice of forgiveness tools for you to test and enjoy



✅ Understand the neuroscience behind the Abundance and Prosperity

✅ Co-design a simple plan to clear, reprogram, and nourish your brain

✅ Create e-nergy and e-motions to serve your Abundance purpose

✅ How to let go of the energy of struggle and hard work from your body

✅ How to quickly shift to a prosperous state and override your lack thinking

✅ How to ground the energy of prosperity into your body



✅ Let’s make space for Abundance to show up with ease!

✅ Create the mental, physical and energetic space to be prosperous, and live an abundant live

✅ Discover the Clear Your Path system, a vibrational clearing tool at the subconscious AND soul levels that  allow you to rewrite your soul blueprint and shift things rapidly

✅ Learn other clearing tools (EFT, Sedona method, etc.), their differences, power and limitations

✅ Fill your toolbox with suggested tools and techniques (healing patterns for clutter, The Work of Byron Katie to bust out beliefs and assumptions, quick -yet powerful- meditations to clear at all levels)



✅ Become a good steward of your money

✅ Access your inner Guidance to define your plan of action

✅ Develop intuition and connection with your Inner Self

✅ Uncover your blind spots on your relationship with money

✅ Put the “Meet Mr. Money” meditation to the test, and see…



✅ Learn the 5 simple yet powerful manifesting steps to manifest anything you desire — I used these exact steps to create for myself:

✅ $40,000 in a weekend, a green card and US resident status from a denied visa, many free vacations in a 5-star resort, upgrades on flights, clients and opportunities seemingly coming from nowhere, etc.

✅ And for my clients: An unexpected $140,000 contract, $60,000 in one week$40,000 additional revenue (with a brand-new idea) in just 5 months, a $10,000 gift on a doorstep, an unexpected check of $5,000, etc.

✅ 12 Principles that will keep you in a permanent state of abundance

✅ Morning and evening mini-ceremonies + 4 daily actions that create traction in an abundant life

✅ Learn the special ‘mantra’ (or prayer) I use to manifest things that I didn’t even think of, but that are for my greater good!

When I met Nathalie, I was struggling to figure out who I was, and what I was doing, and how to make money doing what I was good at. Since working with Nathalie in 5 months I have created over $40,000 in additional money and started a whole new business. If you are looking for clearing in money Nathalie is the ONE to work with!  Love and Laughter always.
~ Becky S.  
Life Coach


$497 for all this and more!
Click here to create more Abundance in your life now…

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  • You’ll get my online course— “10 steps to Charge What You’re Really WORTH and get it!” that will show you exactly what to do to confidently increase your fees, and how to ask for the money you truly deserve value: $297
  • And a $100 savingsoff the price of The Abundance Project (for a limited time!) — Enter “GIFT100” in the coupon field at checkout

Just imagine the ‘New’ (or should I say ‘Real’) You…

YOU’RE RELAXED — you know (and trust) that the Universe has your back, and that you can co-create Abundance (and money) when you want.

YOU’RE ENERGIZED — you feel amazing and you live your life (and business) with enthusiasm and passion, eager to see how more things are unfolding.

YOU’RE CREATIVE — no more survival mode, stress, or overwhelmed feelings. You can tap into your creativity with ease and turn these projects into gold.

YOU’RE TAPPED INTO YOUR SOURCE — you operate from your intuition, following inspired actions that bring you abundant fruits. You show up at the right place, at the right time, saying the right things.

YOU’RE CHANGING THE WORLD — you are BEING THE CHANGE you want to see in the world. You are inspiring, and you are giving back, making a difference helping others. You create a ripple effect of amazing changes for women. Knowing (witnessing) this abundance of changes and inspirations brings even more of this into the world.


  • When you’re ready to let go of LACK and scarcity
  • When you stop worrying about money and chasing clients
  • When you re-center yourself and follow your inner guidance
  • When you focus on doing the little things that will generate BIG results.


WHEN YOU replace old BELIEFS and Programming THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU such as…

  • I don’t deserve to make more money
  • I can’t make money doing what I love
  • I’ll never get out of debt
  • I can’t be spiritual and ask for money
  • I’m not good enough


  • Stop the self-sabotage and guilt and shift into Abundance!
  • Learn how to write a brand-new story to help you co-create abundance and prosperity using the power of your subconscious mind
  • Learn the exact steps you need to attract more money into your life
  • Play with the energy of money and invite more in your life
  • Have fun manifesting prosperity and opportunities that will serve you and the greater good


When you shift into abundance, you change your life (and business).

I’ve worked on myself to be able to shift into abundance, and since then I have been enjoying my life FULLY.

But, who am I to tell you all this?

Nathalie EkoboI am Nathalie Ekobo.

And for most of my life I have worked hard. I’ve been a VP of International Marketing and Sales, working long hours at the Parisian office, then traveling throughout Europe, and coming back home and living in my suitcase waiting for my next trip.

Working tirelessly and always feeling like I need to do more, I felt like I needed to prove my worth. I had the old story of “I’m not enough.”

Regularly changing jobs because I would feel frustrated with my boss, unhappy because I would miss a promotion, or be paid twice less than my male counterpart…

What secret did they know that I kept ignoring?

Finally, one day I decided to follow my dreams and come to Arizona to a business. But even then, I struggled. (I took my problems with me across the big pond!) I worked hard to create a beautiful restaurant and catering business only to disagree with the landlord’s outrageous rent raise and close the restaurant four years later.

Later on, my investor visa renewal got denied – after ten years of hard work! My husband and I couldn’t re-enter into the US where we were living, operating businesses, and where our (American) 2-year-old daughter had her life.

Additionally, after that episode, I crashed in my consulting business due to too much work, not enough time, and not enough money for my ability and potential…

I burnt out! My body screamed: “I’m done!”

That’s when I finally admitted I couldn’t push more (We “Type A’s” or over-achievers can take a lot, and push our limits really far!), and I asked for help.

By applying universal principles in the proper sequence I’ll share with you, (which is the missing part in most of the Law of Attraction coaching or courses out there!) and combining all this with the power of an “energetic clearing technique”, it felt like I truly shifted into abundance and worked “miracles”:

  • I made $40,000 in two days just having fun with potential clients
  • I received a green card and US resident status from my denied visa (this is almost unheard of!)
  • I regularly enjoy many free vacations in 5-star resorts, and upgrades on flights
  • I have potential clients contacting me that I have never heard of.  They ‘show up’ in my business simply when I call them energetically. And they are fully “ready-to-buy”!
  • I often co-create partnerships and opportunities with the Universe, opportunities seemingly coming from nowhere…

And what kind of results do my clients enjoy using the same formula?

  • One coach signed a totally unexpected $140,000 contract
  • Another client made $60,000 in just one week
  • A life coach manifested $40,000 additional revenue with a brand-new idea
  • $10,000 cash showed up on the doorstep of one participant
  • A client received an unexpected check of $5,000

But, more than just money, it’s about living an abundant life:

  • A client asked for an abundance of friends and it happened almost “automagically”!
  • Another wanted an abundance of peace of mind, which meant to sell her house (after a lot of struggle) and she did
  • Other toxic situations or unpleasant circumstances shifted into pleasant environments because people would “let go” and allow abundance to come in

So, The Abundance Project is for you if:

  • You want to play a bigger game in life and business or work
  • You’re ready to let go of the victim mode, the money drama, or whatever is holding you back
  • You’re willing to do what is necessary to remove all the hidden blocks and beliefs hindering the flow
  • You want to become a money magnet
  • You’re not attached to your own way, but rather open to following a step-by-step plan that worked for others


I’m inviting you to DECIDE that now is the time that you’re ready to live an abundant live on all levels.

The Abundance Project will change the way you think about manifesting money and co-creating prosperity. If you’re ready to take the leap and break the old mould that kept you stuck or frustrated, the step-by-step plan is just one click away…

“Nathalie coached me to increase my prosperity and abundance. She immediately pinpointed the 3 things I needed to work out and gave me the appropriate strategies to do so. Thanks to her accurate insights and advice on my business and life, I broke a lifelong pattern of self-sabotage. It saved me $50,000 right away!
~ Jean F.  Entrepreneur

“I love Nathalie’s tools and techniques to get connected to my inner guidance! Just one coaching “insight” I acted upon has added an extra $24,000 to my income! I am ready to reap more fruits now as I am more aligned, less stressed, and thanks to Nathalie I have a clear plan.”  ~ Robin F.

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You know if you keep doing the same things, you will get the same results. So, your time to shift things is NOW.

Let me shake your world and move into abundance!


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  • You’ll get my online course— “10 steps to Charge What You’re Really WORTH and get it!” that will show you exactly what to do to confidently increase your fees, and how to ask for the money you truly deserve value: $297
  • And a $100 savings off the price of The Abundance Project (for a limited time!) — Enter “GIFT100” in the coupon field at checkout

What’s it worth to you to start living an abundant life once and for all?

What’s it worth to you to stop stressing out about money?

Are you ready to learn a new way of being and doing, and to FREE YOURSELF from what’s holding you back?

What will it cost you to pass on this program, and wait? (Wait for what?)

Start NOW and reap the fruits… abundantly!

“Nathalie Ekobo is not just another coach or trainer. Her enthusiasm, warmth efficiency, incredible concrete knowledge, practical solutions, and high spiritual dimension make her absolute unique. Her advice is worth every penny. Her intuition is outstanding and vision undeniable.

Nathalie’s positive energy opens doors to your future that you could never even imagined. She is a true friend with your best interest at heart. She is also a highly professional visionary with an integrity to be commended.

Nathalie’s creative solutions will make whatever blocked you previously in your career simply dissolved in front of your eyes. revealing horizons beyond your wildest dreams. If you want your career (or business) to be all that it can be, you simply cannot afford NOT to work with Nathalie.

I heartily recommend hiring Nathalie Ekobo. Miracles will be part of your daily life and magic will unfold all around you!

~ Michelle K. Author, Astrologer, Shaman

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  • You’ll get my online course— “10 steps to Charge What You’re Really WORTH and get it!” that will show you exactly what to do to confidently increase your fees, and how to ask for the money you truly deserve value: $297
  • And a $100 savings off the price of The Abundance Project (for a limited time!) — Enter “GIFT100” in the coupon field at checkout

I can’t wait to see you on the course!

To your Abundant Life!

Nathalie (insert signature here)

Disclaimer: This program is a resource designed to assist you in helping you transform your relationship with money. Nathalie Ekobo is not a financial consultant but a master coach and entrepreneur mentor to women entrepreneurs. Purchasing this product does not guarantee that you will earn money. Your personal level of success and results from using this product/service depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas, and techniques used, your finances, knowledge, and various skills. Since these factors differ among individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, and we make no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to those featured in any case studies or testimonials. As with any product or service, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital.